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Everything You Should Know about Turkish Wedding Dresses

Everything You Should Know about Turkish Wedding Dresses

Weddings are important occasions in people’s life. One of the most important things of a grand wedding is bride’s and groom’s dresses. Usually, in several countries, the bride and the groom choose to wear their national costumes. Because it ideally portrays their cultural heritage and tradition.

Traditional Wedding Dress of Turkey

Turkey has been under the influence of the Ottoman Empire for several centuries. It is imperative to say that their traditional wear is also influenced by that earlier time. During the Ottoman rule, girls chose to wear plain dresses as it was considered indecent to wear any showy or clingy dress. The wedding dress was the only attire girls could do that had silver and gold dresses and threads with ornamented sequins. The wedding dress was also accompanied with a bridal head dress and a veil along with other accessories.
Some of the most common wedding dress colors that the Turkish women wear include bright colors like blue, red, purple or pink. At present however, with the influence of the western countries, pastel colors in the wedding dress has become fashion.

The Traditional Wedding Heritage of Turkey

You will be surprised to know that when a bride heads towards her wedding venue from her parent’s home. The bride’s brother or uncle usually ties a red silk ribbon around her waist. This is usually to wish the bride all the happiness, innocence and good luck.

Secondhand Wedding Dresses in Turkey

The wedding dress is a onetime investment. You will only wear it once. So why choose a brand-new dress when you can choose a secondhand wedding dress from Turkey? There are several resale sites in Turkey that specialize in selling pre-loved wedding dresses and accessories. If you are a nature lover, it is a good move to choose a secondhand wedding dress. As it will make for an ecofriendly planet with minimum wastage.
Do not compromise on fashion or style, but definitely explore the resale wedding dress and accessories in Turkey to have a grand wedding day to remember.