The Steps You Should Follow When Relocating To Turkey

The Steps You Should Follow When Relocating To Turkey

Relocating To Turkey

Turkey is a great country with a population of 83.6 million people in 2021. Turkey’s geographical location makes it more suitable for trade and transportation, and Turkey has become the 6th most popular tourist destination, and millions of visitors visit Turkey each year. Lots of ex-pats are considering relocating to Turkey from around the world, be it work or investment.

Turkey has become a leader in the medical sphere, and one of the most successful international medical centres is running in Turkey. In recent years, increased privatization in the finance and economics industry has developed great interaction for foreign investments in Turkey. Each year, a great number of ex-pats move toward Turkey just for investment or for employment reasons.

Recent advancements and developments in health, education, finance, and economics have been adding to the country’s tremendous growth and progress. If you have made an intimate decision of departure, then:

• First, check your applicability status. For this reason, one should contact a Turkish lawyer,
• After applicability status check, go through requirement check for relocation,
• Apply for a Turkey visa.

If someone decides to move to Turkey for employment reasons, one must acquire a work permit in Turkey issued by the Ministry of Labor and Security. An independent work visa can also be issued by the Turkish authorities, valid for five years. If you are moving to Turkey for investment reasons, apply for a normal visa permit.

Visa Permit Types in Turkey

• Long-term visa permit,
• Short-term visa permit,
• Family visa permit.

How to Get a Citizenship in Turkey?

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The residence permit is a legal document that enables foreigners -people that are not citizens of the Republic of Turkey- to stay in Turkey for a given period (Article 3/j of Law No. 6458). It is regulated under the Law on Foreigners and International Protection No. 6458, in Articles 19-49.

Getting citizenship is the easiest way to relocate to Turkey:

• Marriage to a Turkish spouse and holding the “Family Residence Permit” ID card for three years is an alternative to getting Turkish citizenship right away with no trouble, without buying property in Turkey or investing. After three years, a Turkish passport is issued.
• Fast-track Turkish citizenship by investment program brought by real state purchase in Turkey is another way of relocating to Turkey for foreigners.
• The foreign visitor who has lived in Turkey for five years based on a residence permit and brought some Turkish property can apply for citizenship in Turkey.
• The property investment of USD 250,000 worth is essential for obtaining instant citizenship in Turkey.

For more detailed information, you can go to the Turkish government’s official page.

Does it Sound Good to Relocate to Turkey?

Turkey is the most researched country by those thinking of moving abroad to find affordable and quality living. Turkey is wonderful, a blend of east and west, and a beautiful climate to enjoy the rest of life under the blue skies of Turkey.

Despite the fact that it is a very secular state, political disputes and conservative social values still exist. Still, it is becoming more European, with most of the population adopting European trends and styles. Compared to many western countries, some parts of rural areas are not overwhelming, but living is still calm.

The majority of ex-pats gave the country’s climate a 5-star grade. Turkey’s temperature is ideal for international visitors, and the Turkish people are kind and welcoming. In most cases, a greater value for money is provided in Turkey.

As compared to other western countries, the cost of living is lower. The health industry is booming, and the country is providing equivalent services to European countries in a lower amount.

Can I Get Quick Employment in Turkey?

To get employment, a work permit is essential for ex-pats. If a foreigner has citizenship, then many companies don’t care about work permits. Foreigners with employment concerns are always recommended going for the international industry in Turkey.

For a short time visit, apply for an E-visa via an online portal. E-visa is applicable for tourists and those who have e-commerce concerns -valid for three months. Whereas If you have planned to stay for more than 90 days or a lifetime, apply for a permanent visa permit in Turkey.

Relocating To Turkey: Long-Term Residence Permit in Turkey

If you have lived in Turkey for eight years with a residence permit issued by the Turkish authorities, you can apply for a Turkish long-term residence permit. Apply through an online website working under the Turkish Ministry of Internal Affairs.

After submission of your application, the system will be redirected to “the Central Appointment system.” The central appointment system will guide you about the further process.

The next step is to book an appointment at the nearest office of the Director-General of Migration Management. There are also fees for the application and residence card. Anyone under 65 must have full health insurance — state or private — if they apply for a Turkish residency permit.

Relocating To Turkey: Bit of Advice

Foreigners who desire to relocate to Turkey may undoubtedly take advantage of a comprehensive package. Compared to counterparts, the health services, life quality, and gorgeous terrain are of higher quality at a lower cost. On the other hand, Turkey is a nation where 82 per cent of the population speaks Turkish, and English is only spoken in a few metropolitan regions.

The cultural differences may disappoint you. Therefore it’s OK to do some preliminary research on the region where you’ll be relocating to Turkey, but the reality is always different. It has always been suggested that you spend some time in the country before applying for permanent residency.

Try looking for various living options in Turkey. If you choose a location in a new country where the foreign community already lives, you will find it much easier to acclimatize to the new climate. Altinkum, Little Britain, for example, is home to the largest British communities. Cafés, British pubs, and a restaurant are all located here. The community has everything you’d expect from a British community so that you won’t go hungry. Antalya also has a European flavour and an international appearance. The majority of international ex-pats reside there.