Do you need a blood test to get married in Turkey?

Do you need a blood test to get married in Turkey?

Get Married in Turkey

Turkey is a popular wedding destination. It’s now one of the trendiest marriage destinations, and couples from all over the world are eyeing Turkey for a destination wedding. But if you are a foreigner wanting to get married in Turkey, certain queries might crop into your mind. One such question is; “do you need a blood test to get married in Turkey?” Well, this article will guide you with information so that when you do plan a destination marriage in Turkey, it would not be difficult for you to understand the process at all.

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Conditions For Marrying in Turkey

If you plan to get married in Turkey, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow for a civil wedding. Unless a civil wedding is completed, no religious marriage can happen. While there are certain documents that you need to furnish for a civil marriage in Turkey, one such document is a series of medical test reports which contains a blood test too.

Do you need a blood test to get married in Turkey? Yes, if you are a foreigner, you should get a blood test done before the civil wedding. However, there are certain other medical tests that you should ideally get done before the marriage, as they can ensure that you have a healthy married life. A lot of people are apprehensive about getting medical tests done before marriage, but keeping aside the preconceived notions within human society, if you do these medical tests, they can help you avoid any unwanted stress later in your married life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Getting Married in Turkey

It’s easy to get married in Turkey. However, here are some frequently asked questions that most foreigners seek an answer to about getting married in Turkey.

Where can you seek the no impediment letter to get married in Turkey? The best place to seek the no impediment letter for marriage is your home country’s consulate. You can also seek the same from the embassy of your home country in Turkey.

How many days before the marriage should you be in Turkey? You should ideally be in Turkey for at least a week before your wedding day. This will help you with taking care of all the legal procedures and paper works that are required for the wedding.

Do you need to register your marriage in your home country after a destination wedding in Turkey? All marriages that are registered in Turkey are recognized internationally. However, if you wish, you can get your marriage registered in your home country too.

Is it necessary to undergo medical tests before marriage in Turkey? Yes, there are a set of medical tests including a blood test in Turkey that is required before the marriage. Thus, you need to undergo all the medical tests.

Do you need a lawyer to get married in Turkey? You need to hire a lawyer who can handle the paperwork related to marriage in Turkey. That is why you should consult a good lawyer before marriage in Turkey. Our law firm in Turkey can help you with this.

How can you ensure that you and your partner are a healthy couple before getting married in Turkey? When you are entering into married life, you must have a healthy life. To ensure that your marriage is a healthy one, you should undergo certain medical tests.

Certain tests are considered of the utmost importance when it comes to marriage. Knowing the well-being of yourself and your partner can only provide your marriage with a rock-solid foundation. Here are some of the tests that you should get done before your marriage.

HIV and STDs Tests

HIV and STDs are certain medical conditions that can negatively impact your married life. If you are not able to manage these diseases properly, they can strain your relationship with your partner. HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and other STDs like; Syphilis, Gonorrhea, etc., can be treated successfully with proper medical attention. Getting proper treatment in case of such diseases can reduce your risk of miscarriages and also infertility. So before getting married in Turkey, you’ll have the necessary medical information.

Thalassemia Test

If both the partners are Thalassemia carriers, that can result in a thalassemia child. Having a child with Thalassemia is a lifelong stressful condition since Thalassemia does not have any cure. You wouldn’t want to bring a child in this world who would need to get a blood transfusion frequently. As a parent, it’s rather painful to go through such days. You can completely avoid such a situation if you get a Thalassemia test done before marriage. If both you and your partner are Thalassemia carriers, you can choose to adopt children instead of giving birth to them. You can only learn whether you are a Thalassemia carrier or not by a simple blood test in Turkey.

Blood Group Compatibility

You should ideally also get a blood test done in Turkey to check the blood group compatibility. There are certain diseases like the Rhesus factor which can affect the baby born to people whose blood groups are not compatible. The Rhesus factor disease is a condition in which the mom’s blood can destroy the baby’s blood cells within the womb. If the lady partner is Rhesus negative and the husband is Rhesus positive, there is Rhesus incompatibility. If the growing baby inside the womb takes the father’s blood group, it can lead to miscarriages and even intrauterine death.

Genetic and Other Chronic Conditions Test

Some chronic medical conditions like; diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, or certain cancers also need to get diagnosed. Early testing will help you in seeking medical assistance before things turn awry. All these tests can be done with the help of a simple blood test in Turkey. So before getting married in Turkey, you’ll have all the medical information.

Fertility Test

If you intend to have kids after marriage, one of the must-have tests includes the fertility test. It’s essential to get a blood test in Turkey done so that there are no unnecessary psychological, biological, social, and emotional trauma related to infertility.

Turkey is a dream wedding destination and if you have the opportunity to visit it for your wedding, so be it. Getting married in Turkey is a dream come true for so many foreigners around the globe.

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