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Why Should You Visit Turkey During Winter?

Why Should You Visit Turkey During Winter?

Turkey is a huge country and hence has distinctly different climate zones. The winter season in Turkey generally starts from around December and lasts until around the middle of March. The temperature during this season varies within different regions of Turkey and can range from -13 to 24 degrees centigrade. The coldest place in the country during this time is Erzurum. Visit here if you love snow, cold and winter wonderland. Plan on travelling to Turkey during this time and you will be mesmerised. There are not only picturesque places that you can visit but activities like skiing to lure you too.

You Can Have the Best Winter Holiday in Turkey

Turkey is mostly famous as a summer holiday destination among most tourists worldwide. This is the reason there are some very good benefits of visiting the country during winter. For one thing, it will be less crowded and quieter. You can have all the amazing locales and tourist spots all to yourself. No need for jostling with tourist crowds for a better view. For another, you will get cheaper prices on hotels, air tickets and local transports. Not to mention the scenic landscape that has a beauty of its own during the winter season. Less expense and a better experience? That is Turkey in winter for you.
Apart from the usual tourist attractions like Antalya and Istanbul, you can plan on visiting Cappadocia in Turkey during winter. You can have the experience of a lifetime by staying in one of the cave hotels here. You can also have a wonderful view of the entire place by riding the hot air balloon. The cold air, snowy landscape and balloon ride, it is indeed an unforgettable experience. You can also go skiing and have a fun time.

Visit Turkey in Winter

Hence if you are planning to visit Turkey anytime soon, why not plan to travel during winter this year? You will have an amazing time at a much better price and experience something magical too. Ring in the new year in Turkey and you will have a memory to look back on forever.