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The Average Cost of Wedding Venues and Hotels in Istanbul

The Average Cost of Wedding Venues and Hotels in Istanbul

Istanbul, the magnificent, glorious city where east and west meet. The city rich with culture, history, and natural beauty is always been a Top favorite wedding destination for the couples.

The magic of Istanbul never let their visitors leave that place. As we know that planning a visit to Istanbul is very reasonable does the same thing apply for planning a marriage in Turkey?

Bosporus is the most popular wedding destination in Istanbul. Bosporus provides couples to plan their boat weeding fully to their taste and interest and boat weeding are somewhat reasonable and less expensive as compare to Istanbul palaces and grand venues marriages. It has been estimated that in 2019 3000 foreign couples tied their knots in Turkey.

Marriage in the UK or Turkey does not come with cheap prices. But in Istanbul couples get more value for their money. Istanbul is home to great luxurious marriage venues and hotels. An extensive list with variable options exists. From large suspicious wedding venues to small intimate wedding hotels available for your big day.

The Average Cost of Weeding Depends On;

• Opted place for marriage
• Ceremony status
• No of people and arrangements
• Time for which the place has booked

People mostly from the UK, Middle Eastern countries, Europe, Iran, and Azerbaijani choose Turkey as a marriage destination.

Can I Save My Money for Choosing My Big Day Destination Turkey?

Yes, you can save money while choosing Turkey. As compared to other European such as England the foreign Marriages in Turkey are not restricted to only Istanbul. One can opt southern part Antalya and Bodrum blessed with beaches. Celebration in southwestern shores is less expensive than England. While a resort in a European country for your marriage will cost you much.

The Average Cost of Wedding Venues and Hotels in Istanbul

According to the 2020 updated coast, on average Istanbul wedding venues cost $150-$350 per person. The extra will be charged for any decoration added to the package provided.

Adile Sultan Mansion wedding cost, Ajia Hotel Mansion wedding cost, Sait Halim Paşa Mansion wedding cost and Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul wedding organization cost range for 2020 is 150-350euro. The other popular wedding destination follow the same price range in Istanbul.

Weeding packages range from 3.000 euro to 150.000euro comprises following services. The range mentioned is from the minimum possible limit to the maximum one.

• Weeding decoration, with fresh and crystal accessories
• Fresh flowers, ornamentals, floral arrangements
• bridal walkway in white or other
• Wooden stage with floral arrangements
• Theme wedding, silver, gold or any

The package above motioned is basic up to 10.000-euro price all services are provided with some variations.

The Average Cost of Wedding Boats in Turkey

A couple from Europe had opted for Istanbul Bosporus for their big day celebration. For 60 to 65 guests’ marriage events, they booked a boat and planned their big day. The couple’s experience was great. For 2020, the different packages are available, depending on the number of guests and time.

Normally packages include;

• Pickup from your desired location
• Wedding feast, music and drinks
• Cocktail table

The average coast for boat weeding ranges from 7000lira to 10,000 TRY.