Getting Married as Foreigners in Turkey

Getting Married as Foreigners in Turkey

Married as Foreigners in Turkey

If you have decided to move to Turkey, there might be several questions on your mind regarding the rights of foreigners living in Turkey, and the laws imposed on foreigners getting married in Turkey. It’s only natural to be curious about the advantages and disadvantages of marriage to a Turkish citizen, as opposed to getting married to another foreigner in the country.

Well, all these questions need to be answered before it’s too late and you have already made an uninformed decision. In this article, we will try and address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding marriage in Turkey. So, without further wasting any more time, let us get into it.

Getting Married as Foreigners in Turkey: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to be a Resident to Get Married in Turkey?

There are two ways a foreigner can get married in Turkey. They can either marry another foreigner or they can get married to a Turkish citizen. In the case of a foreigner marrying a foreigner in Turkey, neither party needs to be a resident. Tourists can get married in Turkey too. However, if a foreigner gets married to a Turkish citizen, the foreigner needs to be staying in Turkey with the required permits and documents.

Can a Foreigner Get Married to a Turkish Citizen?

Yes; he or she can. A foreigner living in Turkey can get married to a Turkish citizen provided that the foreigner has been living in Turkey for a while and has a valid residence permit and work permit at the time of filing the marriage application in Turkey. Although the document requirements may slightly vary based on the specific city you’re getting married in, if any particular requirement is not met, legal marriage and registration are not possible.

What are the Benefits of Getting Married to a Turkish Citizen as a Foreigner?

For foreigners getting married to Turkish citizens, the three potential benefits are; residence permit, work permit, and citizenship. But simply marrying a Turkish citizen doesn’t entitle a foreigner to any of these. For being eligible for any of those, the couple must complete at least three years of marriage in Turkey in familial unity, without separation, divorce, or death of either spouse, before application. And this is in addition to meeting several other criteria before a foreigner can be considered for a residence permit, work permit, or citizenship by the Turkish authorities. Your application may still be declined after three years of marriage if the marriage is considered a sham upon inspection.

What are the Requirements For Two Foreigners to Get Married in Turkey?

As mentioned earlier, if two foreigners get married in Turkey, they don’t need to be residents. All they need are basic requirements for entering the country, which is a valid passport that still has at least six months left before its expiration date and a visa. Please note that you cannot stay in the country for more than the stipulated period of 90 days. In addition to these requirements, you will also need to obtain the; “Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry” from your consulate or embassy. Another important step is getting local government officials to authenticate your marriage affidavit, and translate and notarize your other documents.

Can Two Foreigners From the Same Country Get Married in Turkey?

Yes, two foreigners of the same nationality can get married in Turkey. They will need to go to their country’s embassy or consulate, or to Turkish authorities who have the power to perform civil marriages. In the latter case, foreigners need to provide documents that prove that they are legally allowed to marry. If they are not legally allowed to marry in their own country, they cannot get married in Turkey either. These documents can be obtained from their country of residence or their country’s embassy in Turkey.

Can Two Foreigners From Different Countries Get Married in Turkey?

Yes, two foreigners of different nationalities can get married in Turkey as well. However, in this case, they will have to appear in front of Turkish authorities with the required documents, which are the same as those required for foreigners of the same nationality. Foreigners of different nationalities cannot get married in an embassy or consulate.

How Many Days Should Foreigners Arrive in Turkey Before Getting Married?

It would be prudent to arrive at least three to five days before getting married as foreigners in Turkey. In this period, both parties need to file marriage registration documents and fill out application forms individually. This is a crucial step in getting married in Turkey no matter the citizenship of the parties involved. It’s also necessary that the marriage is witnessed by at least two people other than the spouses and Turkish officials present.

Does Turkey Recognise Religious Marriages of Foreigners?

The answer is no. Foreigners getting married in Turkey need to perform a civil ceremony under the guidance of a local government official, according to the Turkish Civil Code, for their marriage to be recognized both nationally and internationally. This applies to both Turkish citizens as well as foreigners living in Turkey. Although the couple can have a religious ceremony after a civil marriage in Turkey, a religious marriage alone has no legal validity in Turkey.

Final Thoughts – Getting Married as Foreigners in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful country, with the exceptional beauty of both scenery and climate as well as cultural diversity. Not to mention that getting married in Turkey as foreigners would be way less expensive than in other European or North American countries. All in all, Turkey is a great country to get married in, even if you are not a resident or citizen. It’s normal to have doubts regarding marriage laws in Turkey and marriage registration in Turkey for foreigners. This guide can prove useful in that regard. We hope all your questions regarding whether foreigners can get married in Turkey or not have been answered. Now you are all set for a beautiful wedding in a beautiful country.

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