Investments in Turkey: Get Turkish Citizenship

Investments in Turkey: Get Turkish Citizenship

Golden Investments in Turkey To Get Turkish Citizenship – 2021

One of the most popular topics on the internet these days is investing in Turkey and getting Turkish citizenship. This is owing to Turkey’s economic development and the government’s investment incentives towards every budget. As a result, investing in Turkey is a fantastic opportunity.

In general, an investment in any nation comes with a set of dangers in addition to advantages. As a result, all circumstances and variables must be taken into account while investing.

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Before 2019, investing in Turkey was extremely difficult and needed significant cash, ranging from $1 million to $3 million. After 2019, however, the sum fell to between $250,000 and $500,000. People who invest in Turkey can get a passport and citizenship for themselves and their family members in addition to their investments in Turkey.

Benefits of investing in Turkey

● Obtaining Turkish citizenship and a passport,
● The possibility to visit 148 countries without obtaining a visa,
● Obtaining one of the world’s top 30 passports,
● A passport with a ten-year validity period,
● The benefit of having access to free medical care,
● The option of keeping one’s prior citizenship,
● Education is provided free of charge.

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Is investing in Turkey safe?

People who invest in countries other than their own country are constantly concerned about the safety of their money, which is a critical consideration. The preservation of capital is an essential factor for these folks. Many nations have signed bilateral agreements with Turkey, ensuring that their investments are safe.

You might want to check out the Turkish government’s official investment web page.

These agreements include:

The Double Taxation Prevention Agreement states that taxes are only paid in one nation and that the investor is not required to pay taxes in both Turkey and their home country.

The Agreement on the Encouragement and Retention of Investment provides commercial requirements that demonstrate the presence of a favourable investment environment and says that the investor’s property will not be confiscated.

Investing and Residing in Turkey

You can get a residency permit in Turkey (or citizenship) for yourself, your wife, and your children under the age of Eighteen by investing in Turkey. You must engage in one of the Turkish government’s investment programs to get Turkish citizenship by investing in Turkey.

The essential aspect of this approach is that it ensures that each program has the minimum capital required by the government. The procedure of getting Turkish citizenship and a passport typically takes three to six months. However, it was cut in half in 2019 due to changes in the relevant regulations.

If you need help with your legal affairs in Turkey, our lawyers in Turkey can assist you with all your legal affairs in Turkey.

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Five Golden Ways To Get Turkish Citizenship by Investment Fast in 2021

One of the methods to get Turkish citizenship is to invest in Turkey. In Turkey, there are several options for obtaining a resident visa and citizenship. Investing in real estate is the most popular means to get Turkish citizenship. In this part, we’ll go through the many ways to invest in Turkey. Investing in Turkey is a golden opportunity in 2021, and as an investor, you shouldn’t miss out on it.

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1- Investing in Turkey By Buying a Property in Turkey

Investing in a property in Turkey is the simplest way to get Turkish citizenship. To get Turkish citizenship using this means, one must deposit $250,000. This was one of the regulations that changed in 2019. Before that, obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey needed a capital investment of one million US dollars, later lowered to this amount. The most significant requirement for investing in this strategy is that you do not sell the property (or properties) you bought for at least three years.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey in instalments – Requirements and payment options:  It’s also feasible to purchase a house for a smaller price (for example, $50,000), but this sort of investment will not result in Turkish citizenship, only the ability to stay in Turkey. The good news is that you may pay for numerous real estate offerings in instalments and experience the benefits of owning real estate in Turkey.

2- Investing in Turkey Through Bank Deposits in Turkey

By investing in Turkish banks, you can get Turkish citizenship. To do so, you must deposit at least 500,000 USD in a Turkish bank for three years. This rule was also amended in 2019, as the previous year’s limit was $3 million.

3- Investing in Turkey By Buying Shares in Turkey

Purchasing shares in Turkey is also one of the methods to become a citizen of the nation; however, you must purchase shares worth at least $500,000. The investment regulation has also been updated in this way, as previously, people had to invest a minimum of $2 million in this approach. To invest in this method, the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology must authorize your investment.

4- Investing in Turkey By Buying Government Bonds in Turkey

Citizenship in Turkey can be obtained by purchasing government bonds. The securities should not be sold for three years under this approach, and these investments in Turkey must be approved by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

5- Investing in Turkey Through Entrepreneurship in Turkey

A person can also apply for Turkish citizenship if they wish to create a corporation or business in Turkey. Previously, this type of investment necessitated the employment of a hundred Turkish citizens in the firm. However, due to revisions in the law in 2019, this amount has been decreased to Fifty Turkish people.

What Are The Benefits of Investing in Turkey?

Investing in Turkey has several advantages. One of them is the fantastic infrastructure that has to be invested in. Turkey’s geographical position has made it one of the most prosperous economies in the world.

Turkey is a great nation to invest in because of its established transportation sector and railway infrastructure, which spans over 11,000 kilometres. This country’s road network is over 383 thousand kilometres. Overall, Turkey’s excellent transportation infrastructure has aided the country’s economic growth, investment, and corporate expansion.

Facts About The Benefits of Investing in Turkey

According to economists, Turkey is expected to expand and flourish in the near future, and 80 per cent of investors feel their investment would be lucrative. It’s worth noting that Turkey ranks second in the world in terms of investment, which is one of the factors attracting international capital.

Many American firms invested in Turkey between 2007 and 2012, according to research provided by the Turkish Statistical Institute. Investors from the United States invested in various sectors, such as; commercial services, transportation, and the chemical sector were all covered.

Given the circumstances in Turkey, numerous investors from France, Germany, and the United Kingdom have also made investments in Turkey. Of course, Turkey’s burgeoning economy has inspired many foreign investors to flock to the nation.

Turkey’s investor concessions enticed a large number of people to invest in the nation. The administration is also proposing extremely excellent measures for the middle class, which is another cause for investors to flock to the country.

Turkey’s investment regulations conform with international norms, and no one is discriminated against based on their nationality. The regulations in place for investors in Turkey are quite protective of investors’ and citizens’ rights. They also provide investors with assurance that their money is secure during the investment term. Despite this, reading Turkish legislation and enlisting the assistance of a lawyer is a highly effective way to avoid harm caused by a lack of understanding of Turkish law.

That being said, making investments in Turkey is a great opportunity for anyone who is either local or foreign; make sure as an investor you don’t miss out on such an opportunity.

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