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Welcome to the MGC Consulting A.P. ‘s website “Outlook Turkey”

This section contains Outlook Turkey’s information policies regarding personal information provided during the visit of the website. Our site makes the following commitments regarding information security. The security information provided here, applies to all digital media owned by Outlook Turkey and provides information about the storage, protection, processing and sharing of personal information provided and obtained by us for our activities and services.

In this context, ensuring the confidentiality of all information within our systems is Outlook Turkey’s top priority. All of these information security measures apply to all applications of Outlook Turkey.

Protection, use and sharing of personal data

Outlook Turkey is a company which established with permission to operate in the legal consultancy sector, and personal data is shared to the extent permitted by law and permitted by the relevant persons in accordance with other regulations, especially the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, provided that the explicit consent of the relevant persons is obtained when necessary and in cases not covered by the exception.

Accordingly, Outlook Turkey continuously updates its encryption infrastructure within the framework of technological advances in order to ensure the confidentiality of the information transmitted over the internet by the users who visit its web pages and applies the most reliable encryption methods on its systems, which are accepted in the current IT sector. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology is used to ensure that our security measures are effective within the scope of its activities and sensitive information is transmitted in encrypted form. SSL is a security protocol developed to provide security and privacy during the transfer of information on the network. SSL ensures that the sent information can be deciphered Strictly and only at the correct address. The information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the correct recipient. The confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information are protected by verification on both sides.

Outlook Turkey obtains all the data it is a trustee of by means of a layered structure established in the application and system architecture in secure ways and keeps it under protection in electronic environment through strong encryption standards.

In case of working with different organizations to obtain support services, their compliance with Outlook Turkey’s Privacy Policy and terms is ensured by confidentiality agreements or the privacy provisions set out in the agreements and additional security measures.

Outlook Turkey provides access to guest and customer information by its staff based on the principle of the most limited level of authority and separation of duties required for the work.

Outlook Turkey shares the information it has acquired within the scope of the above activities with the suppliers and government agencies in accordance with the legal requirements, with the knowledge and approval of the relevant person.

Intellectual Property Rights

Users do not have the right to sell, process, share, distribute, display the Outlook Turkey services, Outlook Turkey’s information and the copyrighted work of Outlook Turkey, or to allow anyone else to access or use Outlook Turkey’s services. All registered or unregistered intellectual property rights such as title, business name, trademark, patent, logo, design, information and method in this site belong to the company that operates the site and its owner or its related person and are under the protection of national and international law. You may not reproduce, process, distribute or create derivative works from the copyrighted works of Outlook Turkey except as permitted by the terms of use of this site.

Limitation of Liability

The accuracy of the information reported to Outlook Turkey by visitors to our site is their responsibility. Outlook Turkey assumes that this information belongs to these people and it is correct.

During the use of Outlook Turkey web site, any performance failure, error, omission, interruption, defect, operation, and/or shipping delay, computer virus and/or lines and/or system malfunction arise as a result of direct or indirect damages, losses and expenses, including, but not limited to any loss or damage Outlook of Turkey and/or employees cannot be held responsible for.

The information provided on this website is provided “AS IT IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. Outlook Turkey does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of this information and expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions in this information. It makes no warranties, either tacitly, explicitly or legally, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and/or non-existence of a computer virus.

The user is responsible for the risk of links to the websites that are linked from this website, as well as links to other websites.

Outlook Turkey reserves the right to change all products and services, pages, information and visual elements contained in this website without prior notice.


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