Important Things You Need to Know Before Living in Turkey

Important Things You Need to Know Before Living in Turkey

All foreigners wanting to live in Turkey have a lot to look forward to. All things considered, living in Turkey is a great idea for all foreign nationals due to its strong infrastructure, high standard of living, low cost of a living, simple process of obtaining a work permit or residence permit, currency rate of the Turkish lira, and advantage of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment.

Important Things You Need to Know Before Living in Turkey

Cost of Living and Housing in Turkey

Foreigners from Europe and the United States can afford to live in Turkey easily. Housing and living costs are lower in comparison to their native nations, except for a few areas. Although regional variances impact the cost of living in Turkey, the average cost of rentals, transportation, food, and everyday costs in Turkey is still significantly lower than in Europe or the United States. In addition, housing expenses in Turkey are more affordable, with options ranging from villas to apartment flats.

Residence and Work Permits in Turkey

Foreigners who wish to live in Turkey must get a residence or work permit to remain in the country after the 90-day visa period is up. Foreigners need to apply for a work or residence permit from the Republic of Turkey’s consulates in their home countries before traveling to Turkey. Within ten days of the initial application, online applications should be submitted through Turkey’s e-government platform and direct submissions to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The e-residence system of the Directorate General of Migration Management is also used to submit residence permit applications. Foreigners should submit the relevant papers to the local Directorate General of Migration Management offices after completing the online application. Do you know that we can assist you in obtaining your work and residence permits in the most cost-effective and timely manner possible? Simply contact our Turkish law company. We will help you with living in Turkey.

Currency Exchange Rate of The Turkish Lira

For visitors from Europe or the United States, the Turkish Lira’s exchange rate is a significant benefit. Due to the decline in the currency rate, house sales in Turkey increased last year, with sales to foreign nationals increasing by 78 percent. The majority of homebuyers in Turkey come from Europe and the Middle East. The Turkish lira’s currency rate also draws company owners from nearby nations, as well as EU countries including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Spain, and the United States. Thus, buying a house and living in Turkey is cheap for foreign nationals.

Turkish citizenship is also available to foreigners who invest in the country. You can apply for Turkish citizenship if you have created at least 50 full-time jobs for Turkish nationals or made a financial investment of at least $500,000. Not only that, buying a property in Turkey worth a least $250,000 and holding on to it for three years is also a way to get Turkish citizenship. Once you get your Turkish citizenship, you can enjoy living in Turkey for the rest of your life.

Popular Regions to Live in Turkey

Foreigners who wish to buy a property or start a company in Turkey and reside there have a variety of alternatives. Istanbul, the Aegean, and Mediterranean shore cities are the most popular places for foreign nationals to live in Turkey. While most company owners prefer to set up shop and reside in Istanbul, foreigners prefer to live and invest in quiet areas such as; Antalya’s Alanya district, Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Didim, or Side.

Learn a Few Turkish Words Before You Travel To Turkey

Last but not least, beginning to study Turkish before to your relocation will provide you with a significant edge. Learning Turkish without a real Turkish course may be difficult, but you may learn a few important terms that will come in helpful when you visit Turkey. The Turkish language is not simple to learn, but once you start living in Turkey, you will pick it up much more quickly.