Getting Married in Turkey

Getting Married in Turkey

Getting Married in Turkey

Are you considering getting married in Turkey? Turkey offers three types of marriage registration process that require slightly different documentation. These types are; the marriage of Turkish citizens, the marriage of a Turkish citizen and a foreigner, and the marriage of foreigners living in Turkey.

In Turkey, only civil marriage is permitted. You are free to hold any religious ceremony in addition to the civil one, but religious services are not legally recognized in Turkey. Also, keep in mind that Turkish officials are unable to execute a marriage that would be illegal in your home nation. If your home country’s laws ban you from marrying, you will be unable to get the paperwork necessary under Turkish marriage legislation from Turkish officials, and so will be unable to marry in Turkey.[1]

Turkish authorities can marry a Turkish native and a foreigner, or two foreigners of different nationalities, according to Turkish marriage legislation. The Turkish government or the offices of their own country’s embassy or consulate can marry two foreigners of the same citizenship in Turkey. The relevant provisions of the Turkish Civil Code and associated laws apply to all weddings performed by Turkish authorities.[2]

Unless the petitioners can present marriage permits issued by the competent Civil Status Registrars of his or her own country, in which they have a nationality, Turkish relevant authorities do not conduct these marriages, whether they are Turkish or foreigners.[2]

Situations for Foreigners to Get Married in Turkey

Yes, foreigners can get married in Turkey. Unfortunately, the religious wedding in Turkey is not considered legal in Turkey. For this, you require having a civil ceremony first before organizing a religious ceremony. You must also know that foreigners, who are not legally allowed to get married in their respective countries, can’t marry in Turkey as well.

If two foreign nationals of the same country want to get married in Turkey, they must connect the authorities of their country in Turkey or the embassy, or the Turkish authorities to perform the civil marriage.

If the foreigners choose to perform a civil marriage in front of the Turkish authorities, they require showing a document as proof of your permission to marry. This document can be obtained from the authorities of your nation either in residence or from the delegation of your nation in Turkey.

Suppose you are a foreigner who has both Turkish and other nationalities, you are required to get married through Turkish authorities. The same applies to the marriage of a foreigner and a Turkish citizen.

A Foreigner Marrying a Turkish Citizen in Turkey

The marriage must be performed by a Turkish official if one of the parties is Turkish and the other is not. A marriage license or statement (“Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi” in Turkish) from an embassy or consular authority in Turkey must be obtained from the relevant authorities in foreigners own country attesting to eligibility for marriage.[1]

How to Perform a Civil Marriage in Turkey?

As it was said earlier, only civil marriages are permissible in Turkey. Here are some steps that would help you to know about the civil marriage procedure in a better way.

● Foreigners need to submit the marriage application at the local marriage office in person to inform the authority about their marriage. It can be registered either in the office of their country’s embassy or at the Turkish marriage office in Turkey.
● You must submit the certificates and other mandatory forms to the local marriage office. The date of the marriage ceremony must also be informed.
● Once your application is accepted, your documents get stamped and certified by the alderman (Muhtar) of the district. Keep in note that this certificate for foreigners’ marriage in Turkey will be valid for six months.
● In addition to this, you require at least two witnesses to sign the documents. Make sure that they should not be your immediate family members.

Foreigners who are considering marrying in Turkey must do their research with a professional before starting the marriage procedure in Turkey. Remember to be well informed about the process.

Conditions For a Legal Marriage in Turkey
  • Capacity to marry: Only individuals with sound mental capacity and the ability to make fair decisions are permitted to marry. As a result, mental illness is a barrier to marriage. In addition, to marry, a person must be at least 18 years old.[2]
  • Absence of consanguinity: It is forbidden to marry close relatives.[2]
  • Existing marriage: In Turkish family law, monogamy is one of the most important norms. It is not possible to get into a second marriage until the first has ended.[2]
  • Waiting period: Married women whose marriages have been dissolved have a three-hundred-day waiting period before they can marry again.[2]
  • Sickness: Certain medical problems might also prevent individuals from marrying.[2]


In Turkey, only civil weddings performed by licensed marriage officials are legally binding.

Necessary Documents For a Marriage in Turkey
  • The marriage petition. To begin, the groom and bride must file a marriage petition. “Evlenme Beyannamesi” is a Turkish translation of the petition of the marriage.
  • Passport, Identification card, birth certificate.
  • Health certificate.
  • Four pictures belong to the bride and groom.
  • Certificate of Capacity to Marry. (Single, divorce, widow or widowed.)


Health certificate: To marry, you must have a medical examination. The examination can be done at one of the Turkish Bureau of Marriages’ approved medical facilities. For these examinations, each marriage bureau will utilize a different clinic. For the addresses of these clinics, you will need to contact the marriage bureau of your choosing. The applicant’s blood type and the findings of HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis blood tests are included in a medical examination report, which also states that the applicant is free of infectious illnesses.[2]

Certificate of Capacity to Marry: A marriage bureau is located in each Mayoral District. Find out which district your residence is in and go to the Marriage Bureau to get a “Marriage Declaration” form (Evlenme Beyannamesi in Turkish).[2]

Getting Married as Foreigners in Turkey: Frequently Asked Questions

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