Things You Need To Know About An American Marrying a Turkish Citizen

Things You Need To Know About An American Marrying a Turkish Citizen

Things You Need To Know About An American Marrying a Turkish Citizen.

Published 2 February 2021,
Last Updated 30 August 2021.

An American Marrying a Turkish Citizen

Are you an American in love with a Turkish citizen? Congrats on your relationship! The fact you are here shows how committed you are to your partner. In this article, we’ll list everything you need to know about an American marrying a Turkish citizen.

Now, if you are looking to put a legal seal on your love relationship, don’t worry, marriage bureaus in Turkey are there to assist you. In this article we shall go over every detail you must keep in mind if you are an American marrying a Turkish Citizen.

What are Turkish Marriage Bureaus?

Civil marriage regulations and laws are upheld by marriage bureaus in Turkey. As civil marriages are the only legally identified marriage system in Turkey, The marriage bureaus make sure the marriages are performed under the civil marriage regulations. Anyone can opt for religious marriage ceremonies, but as they are not legally binding, an individual must have a civil marriage before choosing for religious weddings.

Turkish marriage bureaus are present in every mayoral district in Turkey. Not only is this convenient for foreigners to get married in Turkey, but the marriage bureaus are also of significant help in civil marriage procedures. Civil marriages in Turkey can take place only after the bride and the groom have undergone health tests. So, you can get a list of clinics and labs assigned under these marriage bureaus to get tested. Other than these, the marriage bureaus can issue wedding petitions, which are documents necessary to have a civil marriage in Turkey.

As an American marrying a Turkish national, the Turkish marriage regulations will pose no restriction in your marriage. However, civil marriage must be performed by a Turkish official. Civil marriages are legally recognized in Turkey, so as a foreigner, you must furnish documents attested by a member of your country’s consul. It can later serve as a marriage license, so it’s advised to have this document ready before you visit Turkey to avoid inconveniences. The marriage license can also be attested by a person holding an office in the American embassy in Turkey.

The Turkish marriage regulations function under the marriage regulations of your country, so if the marriage is not approved in your country, the Turkish marriage bureaus will not be able to perform your marriage. As an American, you must submit documents of your country to proceed with the civil marriage officiated by a Turkish official.

Here is some information regarding Turkish marriages and the documents you’ll be needing.

Marriage in Turkey

Civil marriages in Turkey strictly adhere to Turkish marriage laws and regulations. So, if you are wishing to marry a Turkish national, the following rules will apply to you:

  • Civil marriages are approved if both the bride and the groom are of sound mental health. A mentally unstable or dangerous person may be barred from getting married in Turkey,
  • 18 years is the minimum legal age for civil marriages in Turkey. Any individual getting married must not be a minor; must be at least 18 years or above,
  • Marriage of Consanguinity is a taboo in Turkey. Individuals who are close relatives cannot be married civilly,
  • Polygamy as a practice is forbidden in Turkey. A person wishing to marry for a second time must have his or her first marriage terminated before the Turkish authorities approve of their next marriage. Monogamy is essential family law in Turkey,
  • Women choosing to marry for a second time can do so after a three-hundred-day period from the termination of their previous marriage,
  • The Turkish marriage bureau can ask for a copy of your health record before approving your civil marriage. Labs and clinics affiliated with Turkish marriage bureaus will perform a blood test. A marriage can be restricted if the bride or the groom is tested positive for STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), Hepatitis, or other contagious diseases.

Documents For Turkish Marriage Bureau

The following documents will be necessary for a civil marriage officiated by a Turkish official. The documents can also be recorded for legal proof and to be used as marriage licenses.

  • As mentioned earlier, civil marriage takes place with the cooperation between the marriage bureaus in Italy and the United States consulate. So as an American marrying a Turkish national, you must get in touch with the United States consulate-general in Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Your travel to Turkey will require a valid United  States passport with over six months of validity. To visit Turkey, you also need to apply for an electronic visa. However, your visit to Turkey can be stretched to a maximum duration of 90 days per visit. A copy of the same must be furnished at a Turkish municipality to generate a marriage petition,
  • Register yourself for a “Certificate of Eligibility to Marry” from the United States embassy in Turkey, this contains documentation of both the bride and the groom and needs to be approved by the Istanbul governor’s office. Depending on the province you want to get married in, the United States embassy generates an “Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry,”
  • The governor of the province must approve the “Certificate of Eligibility” if you wish to marry outside Istanbul. Most foreigners wishing to get married in Turkey have a preference for Kusac, Antalya, Izmir, and Bodrum. The Turkish municipality issues a marriage petition (locally known as “Evlenme Beyannamesi”) under the bride and the groom’s name,
  • The marriage bureau in Turkey may ask for proof of accommodation, which is issued by the hotel (if you are not a resident living in Turkey) you will be staying at,
  • Your United States passport can be submitted as valid proof of identification,
  • Your travel agency can also help you with the paperwork you will need to get married in Turkey.
  • Other than these, the bride and the groom’s photographs are needed for official records.


For further inquiries, you can get in touch with the United States consulate-general in Turkey. We wish you our heartiest wishes for the journey you and your partner are going to embark on, and have a wonderful civil marriage in Turkey.

Also, a legal firm in Turkey can handle all of these legal affairs for you.

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