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Best High Schools in Turkey

Best High Schools in Turkey

What are the Best High Schools in Turkey?

In Turkey, most 8th grade students who wish to continue their education take the exam called; “LGS” (Which stands for; “Liseye Gecis Sinavi” in Turkish, and “High School Entrance Exam” in English) and earn a maximum score of 500 based on their success. Students later use this score to choose the high schools they want to go to, so basically: the better the score, the better education they get by going to more quality high schools. We are going to take a look at some of the schools with the highest acceptance scores and explain what makes them the best high schools in Turkey.

For more detailed information on the Turkish Education System, you can go on Wikipedia.

Here is The List of Some Best High Schools in Turkey

While some of these schools are notorious for their language educations, some of them are famous for educating Turkey’s most successful future engineers, doctors, lawyers, and scientists. Most schools on this list are public schools, so only a high enough LGS score is enough to be accepted by them.

Galatasaray High School, Istanbul

Originally established back in 1481, Galatasaray High School is the oldest high school in Turkey. The base acceptance score of this school is 500. Yes, that is the maximum score you can get from LGS. Only the top %1 can enter this school, so it wouldn’t be wrong to call this school literally the best high school in Turkey. Except for classes like Turkish Language and Literature, most classes are in French. So, students who enter Galatasaray High School must take the mandatory one-year French preparatory class. English and Italian are also taught as secondary languages. The school is located in Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey. Galatasaray is clearly one of the best high schools in Turkey.

Istanbul High School (Istanbul Erkek Lisesi in Turkish), Istanbul

Istanbul High School is also one of the oldest high schools in Turkey, it was founded in 1884. The school has the second-highest base acceptance score of 497. So it is one of the best high schools in Turkey by far. Many of the famous Turkish bureaucrats, scientists, and celebrities, have graduated from this school throughout history. Classes are primarily in German, but some classes like Turkish Language and Literature are in Turkish. Consequently, students must take the mandatory one-year German preparatory class when they enter this school. English is also taught as a secondary language. Istanbul High school is located in Cagaloglu, Istanbul, Turkey.

Izmir Science High School, Izmir

Established in 1983, Izmir Science High School is one of the younger schools on this list. It is the best high school in Izmir city, and it has a base acceptance score of 494. It is clearly one of the top ten best high schools in Turkey. Since it is a science high school, most of Izmir Science High School’s graduates choose to go to the best engineering and medical universities in Turkey. Classes are taught in Turkish, but English and German are taught as secondary languages. The school is located in Bornova, Izmir, Turkey.

Robert College, Istanbul

Robert College is the only private school on this list and it was established in 1863. The school only accepts students with over 490 scores. The school has a one-year mandatory English preparatory class because except for the cultural classes taught in Turkish such as history, geography, and Turkish Language and Literature, the school offers classes completely in English. Robert College is not only famous for its success, but also for its gorgeous building and over a hundred extracurricular activities it offers to students. French and German are also taught as secondary languages in this school. Robert College is located in Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey.

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