Where is The Best Place to Retire in Turkey?

Where is The Best Place to Retire in Turkey?

Retire in Turkey

For prospective expatriates, picking where to retire in Turkey is mostly a matter of personal desire and financial constraints. Each location in Turkey has its personality, and lifestyle prices range from the most costly city in the nation, Istanbul, to the cheapest and most cheerful Aegean beaches.

Understanding recent trends, on the other hand, can assist you in concluding. There are obvious favourites when it comes to the most popular expatriate places and localities for purchasing property in Turkey.

Istanbul is the most popular destination for both, although many expatriates work in skilled professions. It’s also a real estate hotspot, with many international investors aiming to profit from developments on the European side.

Instead, the majority of foreign retirees travel to Mediterranean and Aegean shore destinations. In this post, we’ll look at some of the most popular spots inside them, as well as what makes them unique.

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Turkey’s Living Costs

Before we get started, first, let’s talk about living costs in Turkey.

When you reside in a foreign country, it’s critical to keep track of your financial affairs, particularly when converting your cash to the Turkish lira. Some retirees grossly misjudge yearly expenditures and the fact that currency rates might go up as well as downwards.

Similarly, they do not adjust for inflation. Some expatriates have sold their homes in their home countries, converted their funds into the Turkish lira, and placed the proceeds in high-interest savings accounts. This provides them with a monthly retirement income after taxes and eliminates using their net worth. Keep in mind, though, that interest rates may fall as well.

The cost of living in Turkey varies depending on where you reside. Small towns are less expensive than major cities. Similarly, the cost of accommodation varies based on several circumstances.

Didim and Fethiye are two of the cheapest areas to live in, yet expenses will rise if you travel, consume, gamble or smoke since they are all pricey in Turkey. Even in major cities, there are ways to save money, particularly on food, by buying at a weekly market rather than a supermarket. Aside from any pension benefits, it’s also a good idea to have a savings plan in the event of an emergency.

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Where is The Best Place to Retire in Turkey?

Prepare for an explosion of options if you’re looking for the greatest spot to retire in Turkey. Indeed, rather than settling for very little, you may pick your retirement destination depending on your lifestyle choices and finances.

Many retirees reside all over the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, depending on private pensions or withdrawal rates on high-interest savings accounts. However, a few non-working expatriates prefer big cities such as Istanbul.

Some people retire early to pursue their ambition of living overseas, while others postpone retirement and rely on their government income. Because of low prices and favourable currency exchange rates, all retirees may enjoy a comfortable existence.

The number of funds required may vary based on where you choose to retire in Turkey, but let’s have a look at the finest retirement destinations in Turkey. We’ll also provide materials on language, hospitality, cultural experiences, health care, expenses, and other topics that immigrants should be aware of.

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Retire in Turkey

Antalya is a port city on Turkey’s southern coast

The Antalya province, which encompasses a considerable portion of the Turkish south coast, benefits from a number of factors. It is the second most popular tourist destination in Turkey and the second most popular location for foreign property transactions.

The international ambience, which includes a huge city centre and smaller beach resorts, attracts visitors from all over the globe, and existing expatriate populations have quickly adapted to Mediterranean life.

In the extreme eastern edge of Turkey, Alanya and the main city centre are popular retirement destinations. Both provide fantastic shopping and dining opportunities, as well as great year-round transportation connections to the rest of Turkey and the rest of the globe.

Expatriates choose Antalya and Alanya because both cities are open all year, unlike other smaller resorts only open during the tourist season, which runs from May to October. When looking at possible locations, keep this in mind.


Retire in luxury in The Kalkan District

As a premium Turkish seafront centre, Kalkan, an expensive location on the western edge of the Antalya province, demands respect. Property costs range from £100,000 for a studio apartment to six figures for large beachfront houses.

Although several retired expatriates only visit the resort during the summer, there is a vibrant group throughout the whole year if you want to meet new people and expand your circle of friends.

The cost of living is greater in this area because of the posh feel, particularly while dining, partying and drinking out. The ultra-modern construction of residences and the spectacular Mediterranean Sea view provided by the high terrain are two reasons why people purchase property and retire to the Kalkan district.

Ortaaaan, also known as the new section of town, is close to the ancient old town, where most restaurants and pubs are located. Many older people use cabs or vehicles to get around Kalkan because of the high hills that cover the side of the coastline. Alternatively, they often pick the Kalamar neighbourhood, which is home to many upscale beach clubs.


Region of Fethiye: Turkey’s Darling

Fethiye has nothing to dislike about it. Its magnificent scenery, laid-back attitude, and low living expenses have attracted many retirees, particularly Brits.

Some people reside in smaller resorts like Hisaronu, Ovacik, and Calis. In contrast, others have settled in the town centre, which has year-round retail, dining, and entertainment options and an excellent transportation system. The fact that Fethiye is adjacent to the Dalaman airport adds to the allure. Another advantage is the inexpensive cost of living, with flats starting at £60,000.

The Golden Sands of Altinkum

Altinkum, on the Aegean coast, is another low-cost vacation popular with British retirees. In certain quarters, the resort is referred to as “Little Britain.” Because of the influence of the elderly population, numerous British pubs and restaurants can be found throughout the town, which is why foreigners flock there.

Aside from the town centre, other areas such as Mavisehir have a classic Turkish feel. Altinkum is at its busiest as a tourist destination from May to October, and although life slows down outside of these months, the resort continues to operate normally.


For Turkey’s Aegean region, Yalikavak is the place to be in

Yalikavak, located on the Bodrum peninsula, became a major sailing destination when the Palmarina opened its doors. The town’s notoriety was elevated to unknown levels, and property values skyrocketed overnight due to its sudden fame.

Yalikavak, Turkey, is a popular retirement destination for foreign retirees, yet the town’s early portion still gives a taste of the country’s history. In tea shops, Turkish restaurants, barbershops, and more, you’ll find a strong sense of heritage. Bodrum’s town centre is only a short bus ride away from Yalikavak, making it ideal for year-round living.

Residency and Health Care Accessibility

The list above is only a sample of locales where retirees may live for a reasonable price. Contact us right now if you’re looking to purchase a home in these areas. We assisted hundreds of pensioners in moving to Turkey and settling in with comfort and elegance as property and investment specialists. The average property price in these locations begins at 40,000 USD. However, the first step in moving to Turkey is to apply for a short-term resident visa.

Foreigners must provide evidence of financial stability, proof of residence, and proof that their health condition is covered by insurance if they are under the age of 65. Most pensioners choose the monthly Government SGK system, which permits them to utilize the government-run excellent healthcare system. Other ex-pats prefer private insurance. The good news is that the residency application procedure is simple. The validity will be one year for the initial application but will extend to two years after that.

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