Where is The Best Place to Live in Turkey?

Where is The Best Place to Live in Turkey?

Turkey has always been a favourite vacation spot for tourists seeking sun, fine cuisine, and cultural experiences. Consequently, it’s predictable that it provides all of this and more for permanent residents that live in Turkey.

While several of the country’s bigger towns have adopted a more contemporary, urban feel, there are still plenty of spots that exude traditional Turkish charm. Turkey appeals to expatriates due to its inexpensive cost of living and diverse cultural offerings. So, here are the greatest locations to live in Turkey if these sound appealing to you.

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Best Place to Live in Turkey

Regardless of your background, many areas to live in Turkey provide an appealing lifestyle to foreigners. After a multi-year revamp of lifestyle patterns, it can now compete with any industrialized nation regarding infrastructure, liveability, low crime, affordability, and utilities, with the added benefit of a cheap cost of living.

Indeed, some of the finest towns have large populations of expatriates who wish to settle in a nation with safety, English-speaking residents, reasonable costs, and a gorgeous environment.

Retired ex-pats tend to cling to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts while international workers flock to Istanbul. Although the northern shore is steadily drawing international purchasers to migrate, there are fewer ex-pat communities than on the west and south coasts.

Similarly, few foreigners go to the southeast since it is more conservative and lacks beaches. So, if you’re uncertain about where to reside, examine the following towns, villages, and cities.

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Where is The Best Place to Live in Turkey?

Istanbul is The Preferred Destination For Professional Ex-pats

Istanbul is unquestionably one of the greatest cities to live in Turkey for individuals looking for work, especially in the business sphere. The country’s historical, economic, and cultural sector explains why it is so prosperous.

Istanbul is also a wonderful option for digital nomads since it is likely to have the greatest internet connections. For obvious reasons, the cost of living is greater here than everywhere in Turkey, but you may avoid this by searching in the outskirts and taking public transport.

It offers everything a city of its size should have: a busy nightlife, lots of shopping, outstanding local and foreign schools, and, of course, attractions such as; the Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, and many others.

Istanbul has pleasant weather that does not get oppressively hot in the summer (it usually peaks around 25-30C). However, it does become chilly in the winter, and snow is not unusual.

If commerce isn’t your thing, teaching English or working in a comparable field won’t be difficult to come by. Furthermore, if you don’t know much Turkish, living in Turkey, Istanbul, will be a smart decision since most people speak English.

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Rather than being a retirement destination, Istanbul, Turkey’s biggest city, is home to many working expatriates. Naturally, it is to Turkey what London is to the United Kingdom, and Paris is to France in terms of tourism, money, top schools, business, economics, industry, and huge investment opportunities.

It has excellent educational facilities and an extensive transportation network connecting it to other cities and nations throughout the world. Of course, inhabitants face greater living expenses as a city, but current trends have people settling in less expensive outskirts neighbourhoods, which are just a short drive away if they want to be in the centre of it.

Although the Asian side has a lot to offer, the European side has the most desirable places. They provide faster and more convenient access to everything, including the new ultra-modern airport. Bagcilar, Kucukcekmece, and Avcilar are three up-and-coming neighbourhoods along the Basin Express Road that are worth considering, particularly if you wish to have a family.

Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous and multicultural city. It has a rich history, stunning views of the Marmara Sea and the Bosporus, ideal variety, and cultural and recreational amenities to suit all tastes.

It is an ideal location for families, with high-quality schools for youngsters. It offers a diverse range of cultural and historical features and contemporary and all-inclusive residential districts. You can live in a metropolis with a wonderful view and nature in Istanbul.

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Antalya Offers Tourism-related Business Prospects as well as Retirement Options

Antalya is a well-known tourist location that would be great for anybody interested in opening a restaurant or hotel. Of course, this means that the employment options will be seasonal, but it will still provide wonderful prospects.

The Antalya Park amphitheatre is part of a magnificent shoreline route that runs along the Gulf of Antalya for more than 20 kilometres. The city itself is clean and secure, with weekly food markets to help keep living costs low. The city is a preferable option if you want to work because of its faster internet connections and public transportation system.

For retirees, the Antalya coastline would be ideal. Natural beauty places, fishing towns, and fantastic rural hikes are just a few of the things it has to provide to lifestyle lovers. All of this is backed up with fantastic restaurants and some excellent shopping options, as you would expect. Also, two of Turkey’s nicest beaches are located in the Antalya province, Konyaalti and Lara.

Because it’s on the Mediterranean shore, you’ll enjoy a milder environment with fewer temperature extremes. It often reaches 30 degrees centigrade in the summer and seldom falls below 10 degrees centigrade in the winter.

Although living in the city or its outskirts will cost more than living elsewhere in the Antalya area, a family may still live comfortably in the city for less than you’d anticipate. It’s simple to understand why the beachfront region is one of Turkey’s most favoured places for property sales to international retirees.

Antalya city centre, located on the western Mediterranean coast and inside the same-named region, is a popular tourist, shopping, and nightlife destination. Many nations see it as the finest location to retire if they like living in major cities because of the distinctly nuanced atmosphere.

During the summer, the beaches of Lara and Konyaalti are the main attractions, but owing to the sunlight and mild winters, the Antalya city centre is available for visitors all year. The transportation system is also excellent. The D400 motorway runs along the coast, making it easy for ex-pats to go to other places like golfing Belek and historical sites.

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Fethiye For an Awe-Inspiring Beauty

Fethiye, according to many seniors, is the ideal location to live in Turkey. Winters in Mediterranean Fethiye are milder than those along the Aegean coast since it is in a separate climatic zone.

By far the most appealing feature is its reputation as a breathtakingly gorgeous location. The Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz, Turkey’s most visited beach, has been featured on the front pages of international magazines. Butterfly Valley, a rural settlement nestled inside a lush canyon, draws hikers and scuba divers, while Kayakoy ghost village is famous for its decaying cottages spread over the slope.

Everybody loves Fethiye, and there is a variety of budget and luxury properties for sale, making it a buyers’ market. If the noise and bustle of the town’s centre are too much for you, but you love the area’s landscape, choose smaller nearby coastal resorts such as; beachfront Calis Beach, Oludeniz, Hisaronu, and Ovacik.

We have to admit that the iconic Fethiye city centre is our favourite of all the year-round sites in Turkey. Visitors often remain for months, if not years, at a time. There is a lot to see, and the city’s splendour is unrivalled. If you need a break from sightseeing, a short bus journey in either direction will take you to various locations of natural beauty in the Mediterranean, including the Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley, Yaka Park, and Saklikent Gorge. Furthermore, anybody wanting to purchase a property in Fethiye would appreciate the low property costs.

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Marmaris is a Dream Come True For Everyone Who Loves The Sea

Marmaris is situated on the Turkish Riviera in southwestern Turkey. As you’d expect with a moniker like this, it comes with a feeling of luxury and a way of life available only in other Rivieras.

The city is a popular wintering spot for boaters and is a national centre for sailing and diving. It offers a lot of beaches and tiny marinas where you may put your boat.

However, if you prefer more land-based activities, Marmaris can accommodate you as well. Bike riding, safari trips, climbing, canoeing, and other activities are available to keep you occupied.

The region also has a rich natural heritage. Nimara Cave on Heaven Island, right off the coast of Marmaris, is a special feature. It was a place of religious devotion for thousands of years, and it is well worth a visit.

Marmaris is also rich in historical sites, making it ideal for history buffs. It was a strategic location for the Ottoman Empire, as shown by several of its structures (Marmaris Castle).

The weather, of course, is crucial, and you will not be disappointed here. Summers may reach the mid-thirties, while winters are normally about 15-20 degrees centigrade. The rainy season is winter, yet it’s a pleasant respite from the scorching heat of summer.

Marmaris is a popular tourist destination that attracts up to 400,000 people each year. This may or may not be a good thing, depending on your point of view, but it does imply that you have the option of starting a tourism-related company.

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Alanya is a Rapidly Developing Region in Turkey

Alanya is Antalya’s developed and congested area. It is common for foreigners to desire to settle in. It boasts a lovely natural setting and well-functioning services. Living in Alanya with your family offers numerous advantages, including everyday travels to spectacular locations around the district, a multicultural lifestyle, and a safe and clean environment, not to mention many sunny beach days at wonderful beaches.

Alanya is a city and province on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, situated on the south coast. It’s around 130 kilometres from Antalya and is one of the most popular expatriate locations.

If you relocate to Alanya, you’ll enjoy a really beautiful medieval castle, wonderful beaches and hills suited for an active outdoor lifestyle, and a very tempting cost of living.

Alanya is a tiny city despite being a metropolis. Importantly, this means it has a large number of rural-feeling districts with affordable housing. Some of the lowest points in Turkey are in places like Mahmutlar.

It’s a great place to visit if you want to live an exercise regime since there are so many walking trails and, of course, so many watersports. A jazz festival and an international cultural festival are among the many yearly events held in the city.

Expatriates from many nations make up a shockingly substantial section of the province’s population, with many of them retiring there. More than 17,000 foreigners own properties in the city, according to the latest statistics.

The mix of rural landscapes, outstanding facilities, inexpensive property costs, and strong international connections is anticipated to attract many people to Alanya. Alanya, in summary, provides practically everything you might want in a Turkish retirement town.


The City of Izmir is Ideal For Retired People

If you’re moving to Turkey for retirement, you won’t find a finer place than Izmir. It is one of Turkey’s major cities, with all the facilities that such a designation would imply.

Izmir is well recognized as Turkey’s most Westernized city.  It also has excellent national and international transport connections and is a major cruise port. If you don’t feel like riding the bus, there are many walking pathways across the city.

Izmir is a metropolitan area. There are other smaller communities that may be more suited to a retired lifestyle. Fortunately, they’re still well linked to the rest of the city.

Izmir lies on the Aegean Sea, so it has all of the advantages you’d anticipate. There are several watersports available, as well as sailing options and a pleasant environment.

It usually reaches 30 degrees centigrade in the summer and 10 degrees centigrade in the winter. The winter months might be wet, but this is a nice break from the dry summer months.

If you wish to live on the shore away from the city, popular expatriate locations include; Cesme and Foca. If you want to be active, Alacati (Turkey’s surfing capital) is a fantastic alternative.

You’ll also find some excellent home pricing if you’re willing to do some searching. And, since Izmir is often referred to as one of Turkey’s most westernized regions, talking with real estate brokers in Turkey will be much simpler than elsewhere.


Bursa is a Beautiful City to Live in Turkey

Bursa, the metropolis of the Anatolian area and a popular destination for Middle Eastern nationals, is a city in northwestern Turkey with over three million people.

Bursa’s hills are surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the mountains are covered with thick woods. An hour’s journey to the east, Cappadocia is home to the ancient settlements’ distinctive and stunning rock formations.

It is one of Turkey’s best locations to live in. Bursa is also notable for two more factors. For starters, the architecture of historic landmark buildings was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Second, being the home of Mount Uludag, it is also a popular skiing destination in Turkey, allowing residents to live in the city while still enjoying the wonderful outdoors of Turkey.


Ankara, Turkey’s Capital, has a Vibrant Culture to Offer

Ankara, Turkey’s second-largest city, which is by no means insignificant. Working expatriates flock to this Turkish location as well. Despite its significance, Ankara does not rank in terms of international tourists due to a lack of tourist attractions and its position in the interior.

As a result, it meets the criteria for a typical Turkish city with great retail and entertainment prospects. Ankara’s population of six million people includes many young people since it is a good economic centre and a strong educational centre with several private and public universities.


Yalikavak’s Laid-Back Attitude: Socially Unusual

Yalikavak on the Aegean coast has drawn travellers seeking an escape from societal rigidity for generations. As a popular location for artists, celebrities, musicians, and anybody seeking self-discovery, the communal feel is centred on the concept that life is what you make of it.

Yalikavak welcomed tourism decades ago, and as a result, most citizens speak English, and residents enjoy the best of both worlds due to the prevalence of a luxurious lifestyle. Even so, you may stay on a cheap in the old town.

If the bustle of Yalikavak becomes too much for you, the Bodrum Peninsula, on which it is located, has a plethora of different regions to reside. Gumusluk’s neighbouring hamlet is more humble and tight-knit, but Turkbuku is a prominent, upscale Turkish Riviera centre with a secretive vibe.

Alternatively, the town’s central business district is a fusion of old and new, contemporary and historical. Another perk of the Bodrum peninsula seaside resorts is the proximity of the region’s airport, which means that after you walk off the aircraft, finding your way to your front door is simple.


Kalkan For a Luxury Lifestyle

Small town life is at the top of the list of locations for retirement in this southern region. Kalkan on the Mediterranean is a great place to live in Turkey if you want to be near the water and enjoy an affluent lifestyle.

Large, luxurious homes with breath-taking sea views, immaculate beach clubs, and top-notch rooftop restaurants supporting the summer outdoor dining scene have earned this little coastal town a reputation for sophistication.

It is exclusive since it does not attract as much attention as major tourism locations. A tiny foreign community gives their time to charitable organizations, and organizations organize get-togethers for people who wish to meet other foreigners. Kalkan’s location on the Turkish Riviera makes it a desirable sailing destination; otherwise, it is worth considering if you like tiny towns.


Didim in Turkey Has Low-Cost Home Amenities

The little village of Didim is an inexpensive area to live for budget purchasers who desire low prices but aren’t sure where to retire. This renowned tourist resort, Altinkum, draws expatriates since apartment prices start at £40,000.

It is also quite inexpensive to eat and drink out. Despite its image as “Little Britain,” several areas have a typical Turkish atmosphere, and a wide range of beaches are within walking distance. Didim is an excellent option for first-time purchasers due to its wonderful blend of Turkish and British atmosphere.


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