Central Business District in Istanbul

Central Business District in Istanbul

Central Business District in Istanbul

Your office defines your business and its location is the one thing that gives the biggest hint to the rest of the world. London has “Mayfair,” Paris has Avenue des Champs-Élysées, and Istanbul has primary and secondary business districts. Esentepe and Levent districts are undoubtedly the primary Central Business District (CBD), whereas Maslak is the more budget-friendly office region. Consisting of two parts in two continents, Istanbul also offers a business area in Kozyatagi and West Atasehir district on the Anatolian side too.

Central Business District: Public Transportation Network

Having the metro as the main public transportation network, Istanbul developed a central business district accordingly. Regions such as; Cihangir, Galata, or Karakoy (Beyoglu district) also have office buildings, but very far away from modern office building standards. Nevertheless, these regions have their own nature of business and are far more welcoming to companies with young teams, especially to those with creative nature. The vast majority of advertising, publishing, marketing agency, and such companies inhabit this district.

Central Business District: Industrial Settlement

Industrial properties are also spread to both outer skirts of Istanbul. In addition to many organized industrial zones, there are also many individual industrial buildings serving both the manufacturing and logistics sectors. The main difference between those in Istanbul and units in Europe is that; most of those are multi-story buildings because the natural geography of Istanbul is uneven.

This being said, remember that purchasing prices (or rents) might be much higher in Central Business District compared to other districts.

The Heart of The Business Beats in Istanbul.

At the end of the day, Istanbul is the heart of the business and civic life of Turkey and home to at least 16 million people. As a result of the natural involvement of the city rising above the inheritance of millennia, Istanbul has everything to offer to you whatever your business’s need may be. You can have your space in Central Business District in your dark suit or run your business in flip-flops in Beyoglu. Anything that you may ask for can very easily be provided with the right guidance. Our law firm in Turkey can help you get a nice office in the best location in Istanbul.

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