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Wills, Probate and Inheritance Laws in Turkey

The Turkish law and Civil code have provisions for allowing a resident to declare his will which might include the matters of inheritance of assets, capital, or other items. Upon finding the will of a deceased person, it is supposed to be sent to the probate court or to the Turkish Legal Authorities.

How Are The Social Activities in Turkey?

Turkey a country with diversified culture and civilization, exhibiting a blend of west and east. In some part of the Turkey, European trends and social life has been following. On the other hand, some part gives sole reflux of Islamic socialism and culture. The social activities of a country primarily concerned with the social system trending in the country.

Experience Turkey’s Amazing Music Festivals

You would rarely find a country that is so unique like Turkey. Apart from its mesmerizing national beauty, Turkey’s history, culture and traditions are also great attractions for the visitors of the country. The blend of old values with modern lifestyle makes touring Turkey an experience in itself.

Property Maintenance Service in Turkey

The real estate that you purchase will require maintenance whether you decide to dwell in it or don’t. Even if you’ve purchased a property for commercial reasons, it too shall require periodic maintenance to ascertain that it retains its value for years to come.

Winter Holiday Destinations of Turkey: Bolu and Kartalkaya

The winter season in Turkey brings plenty of snowfall across certain regions which are already globally well known as excellent holiday destinations. For tourists and travel enthusiasts who like to indulge in discovery and exploration besides also taking part in fun activities could find both Bolu & Kartalkaya to be impressively perfect.

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