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How to Get A Driving License in Turkey?

How to Get A Driving License in Turkey?

Like most countries, you need to be an adult in Turkey to have a driving license. You also need to appear for a practical and a theory test for driving. These tests are regulated in order to maintain the guidelines put down by the European Union.
Once you pass the theory and the practical driving tests, you will be given an EU compatible license. However, if you are a foreigner and already possess a home driving license, you need not appear for the driving license national test in Turkey anymore. Instead, you can use your home license or add an international driving permit along with it.

Applying for a Turkish Driving License

If you are already a driving license holder in your home country and wish to also obtain a driving license in Turkey, you can submit certain documents to the Driver’s association office. It is in the total transport registration department of Turkey. You can then obtain the license without appearing for the national driving test. The documents that you need to submit are:

Your valid home driving license

Your residence permit along with your Turkish ID

5 numbers of passport sized photographs

Notarized translation of your driving license in Turkish language

Your health report along with your blood group certificate

Criminal report clearance from the local courthouse

License fee payment receipt

Shipping license payment

Driving Test in Turkey

There are certain theory tests that you need to undertake in order to pass the national driving test. Some requirements for the driving test are:

Theory test

Practical training for 12 hours

Road traffic awareness

First aid awareness

Practical test

Driving Theory Test Available Languages

The theory test has around 100 questions that mainly tests your knowledge in the highway code of Turkey. You must obtain at least 70% marks in the theory examination to pass the test. Although the theory test is only available in Turkish language, if you are a foreigner, you can get the permission to attend the test with a translator.
When you have proper training, passing the driving test is simple and easy. Visit Turkey and give this a try.