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A Guide to Driving in Turkey

A Guide to Driving in Turkey

There are many countries that have left side driving and some countries that have right side driving. Turkey belongs to the latter group. So, if you know how to drive and come from a foreign country which has right side driving, driving in Turkey will be a smooth experience for you.

The traffic rules of Turkey are the same as those of most of the countries in Europe. However, there can be some different guidelines related to the driving license in Turkey. Let’s take a look at some complexities of the driving license in the country.

You Can Use Your Home Driving License in Turkey

There are several countries, (50 to be precise) that have an agreement with Turkey regarding permitting the visiting tourists to use their home driving license in Turkey. Your home license must have a photograph on it. If your license does not have a photograph, it is illegal to use in Turkey. If your country is not within the list of those fifty countries, you need to get yourself an international driving permit (IDP). The IDP is available for a cost and usually the rate is 20 Pounds.

Turkey Driving License Expiration Date

If you intend to visit Turkey and your country is not in agreement with Turkey about the driving license, you need to apply for the IDP within three months before the date of usage. Always remember that IDP is just a legal document that gives you the permission to drive in Turkey. It is in no way the same as that of the International driving license. It is usually valid for a year but must be used along with your home driving license only.

Rules to Follow While Using the IDP

IDP is valid for a year but can only be used for a period of six months at a stretch in Turkey. Hence, if you intend to visit Turkey for a period of more than six months, you cannot use the same IDP and have to apply for a fresh one by paying again.
Driving is fun in Turkey simply because you get to enjoy the scenic beauty of the country for free!