Are Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage Possible in Turkey?

Are Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage Possible in Turkey?

Are Polygamy and Same-Sex Marriage Possible in Turkey?

It is illegal to opt for polygamy in Turkey. But recent news published online suggests that nearly two million women in Turkey are involved in polygamous marriages.

Is polygamy for real? Most Afro-Asian legal systems in the Middle East and Asian countries have maintained personal law since the early times. These laws, specifically the family and the religious law, form the basis of the society, which influences the legalities of the country.

In most Afro-Asian countries, polygamy is a known practice and is now under reform. Polygamy is most common in the South-Eastern parts of the world. The researchers claim that the second wives have little or no protection in terms of legalities. They are usually married in religious ceremonies only.

Same-sex Marriage in Turkey

Same-sex marriage is illegal in Turkey. Turkey is a liberal country in terms of the rights of the LGBTQ community in comparison to the other Middle-East countries. People of the same sex can seek asylum in Turkey since 1951 under the law of the Geneva Convention.

Also, the people seeking a gender change have been allowed to opt for gender-changing operations in Turkey since 1988. Usually, the people of Turkey are a little conservative when it comes to the rights of the LGBTQ community. Turkey is also the first Muslim country to hold a gay pride march in Istanbul and Ankara way back in 2003 and 2008. Ever since the gay pride march, it is continued every year, and the participation seems to increase with each passing year.

Having said that, fun news made to the online headlines last year when a man accidentally married his father-in-law instead of his bride. Although he intended to marry his bride, the marriage certificate wrongly had the name of his father-in-law printed in it. Of course, it is imperative to mention that the marriage was annulled soon.

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