All You Need to Know About Marriage Bureaus in Turkey

All You Need to Know About Marriage Bureaus in Turkey

Marriage Bureaus in Turkey

If you’re planning a wedding in Turkey, you must have come across the term marriage bureau for sure. If you are still unclear about the concept, or how Turkish marriage bureaus work, this article is just right for you.

A marriage bureau is often available as a matchmaking service for individuals planning to get married. Interested clients can register themselves through the marriage bureau website. The Turkish marriage bureaus browse through their website for potential matches for matchmaking. Usually, marriage bureaus in Turkey are community-based. Suitable matches can arrange meetings through the marriage bureaus in Turkey.

Turkish Marriage Bureaus

The Turkish marriage bureaus (also known as “Evlendirme Dairesi” in Turkish) operate under the marriage laws and regulations in Turkey. As marriages in Turkey are validated only through civil marriages, every individual wishing to get married in Turkey must abide by Turkish civil marriage regulations. Although religious weddings do not meet legal standards in Turkey, you can choose to have religious marriage ceremonies provided you have a civil marriage as well.

The Turkish marriage bureaus do not place a lot of restrictions on foreigners who want to get married in Turkey. However, those who plan on getting married in Turkey must abide by Turkish marriage regulations and civil codes. Any civil marriage in Turkey is supervised by Turkish officials who make sure the marriage regulations are followed appropriately.

Turkish marriage regulations offer no restriction in marriages between two foreign individuals. A marriage between a foreign individual and a Turkish national can be officiated by a Turkish authority. A marriage between two foreign individuals of the same nationality can be presided either by a Turkish official or by a member holding an office in their country’s embassy. When a marriage takes place between two individuals of a different nationality, and either of them is not a Turkish national, a Turkish official must officiate the wedding. Both the bride and the groom must furnish documents attested from the consul members of their respective countries. For more information about two foreign nationals marrying in Turkey, click here.

However, as civil marriages are the only legal marriages recognized in Turkey, Turkish officials must abide by Turkish marriage regulations. For marriage between foreign individuals, Turkish marriage regulations work under the marriage regulations of the foreigners’ nation. So, Turkish officials may put a restriction on a marriage if it is not approved by the foreigners’ country. So, unless an individual can submit documents from his or her country, the Turkish officials cannot perform a marriage.

A Turkish marriage bureau is present in every mayoral district. This is extremely convenient for foreigners who plan to get married in Turkey. As a health test is mandatory before getting married in Turkey, the marriage bureaus in Turkey can recommend you a list of clinics and labs you can get yourself (and your partner) tested from. The Turkish marriage bureaus issue a marriage petition which is a necessary document for civil marriages in Turkey.

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Marriage in Turkey

The marriage laws in Turkey emphasize so those marriage regulations are closely followed. So, any individual wishing to get married in Turkey must keep in mind the following:

  • Individuals are allowed to get married if the marriage officials find them of sound mental and physical health to be able to take up conjugal responsibilities. Mental illnesses can therefore be grounds on which a marriage can be restricted.
  • The minimum legal age to get married in Turkey is 18. A minor cannot get a civil marriage in Turkey.
  • The Turkish marriage regulations prohibit consanguine marriages or marriages among close relatives.
  • Turkish marriage regulations are not in favor of polygamy. As monogamy falls under the essential Turkish family laws, an already existing marriage puts a bar on a second marriage. However, a person can get married for the second time after a certain period from the termination of the previous marriage.
  • Women married before can enter a new marital bond after three hundred days from the dissolution of their previous marriage. This law is under Turkey’s strict adherence to monogamy.
  • The Turkish marriage bureau must be furnished with the records of medical examination. Clinics affiliated with marriage bureaus in Turkey test every individual for contagious diseases, hepatitis, and other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). A marriage can be restricted on the grounds of certain medical conditions and ailments. Those who are planning to get married in Turkey must get their blood tested before the state allows them to get married.
Documents Required By The Turkish Marriage Bureaus

Now that you know more about the Turkish marriage bureaus, let us discuss what documents are required for you to get married in Turkey:

  • A marriage petition, known as; “Evlenme Beyannamesi” in Turkish needs to be registered under the names of the groom and the bride. The Turkish municipality will issue a marriage petition for you.
  • A document stating the marriage eligibility of both the bride and groom is recorded. For foreign individuals, this document must be attested by an official of the consul of the embassy of their own nation. A translated copy in Turkish is notarized and recorded at the municipality.
  • Photographs of the bride and the groom are asked for official records.
  • Documents of identification such as; birth certificates are also required. For foreign individuals, a passport is required.
  • For foreigners getting married in Turkey, the official may ask for proof of accommodation. This can be available from the hotel they’re staying at. A marriage license issued from their country is also required.


Turkish marriage bureaus are there to support you in every way and make sure your wedding goes without any hassle, making your wedding an experience you remember all your life. Turkey is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. Did you know, Aphrodisias, a city in Turkey has been named after the Roman Goddess of love herself, Aphrodite? Not just Aphrodisias, Turkey boasts many romantic locations to have a grand wedding, and after the marriage, Turkey offers great honeymoon possibilities with its great scenic attractions, resorts, and yacht cruises.

By now, you must have a grasp of how to get married in Turkey. So why not plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of, with a little help from marriage bureaus in Turkey?

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