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How to Draw Up A Will in Turkey?

How to Draw Up A Will in Turkey?

Making a will in Turkey is considered the best way to make sure that the legacy of your property in the country will pass smoothly and fast. If you own a property in Turkey, no matter whether you are a foreigner or a Turkish citizen, so as per the Turkish law of succession, you need to appeal to a court in order to begin the inheritance process.

To avoid any kind of stress or complicated situations in the future, it is always advised to manage the inheritance of your property in Turkey with a will. To keep you away from the unpleasant situation that can happen anytime, the best solution is to draw up a will in Turkey.

Documents Required Before Drafting A Will in Turkey

Before the real drafting of the will, it is required to be ready with a few documents and bring these documents with you on the day you are going to draw up a will. These documents include:

Your passport and a proof of ownership certificate as well as the copy of both

A copy of passports of your heirs

Your 4 photographs

Your Turkish tax number

In addition to these documents, you are also required to fix an appointment with an official translator, a notary as well as two witnesses. The official translator will be there with you all day long. Also, keep in mind that you must have two witnesses, who have Turkish nationality.

You also need to visit the state hospital with the translator in order to get a certificate of your mental health. Note that this report is valid for just one day, so you have to go to the notary immediately once you get your health report.

The official will be drawn up in three copies. One is for the owner of the property, the second remains at the notary, while the third is sent to the Ministry of Population in Turkey.

It is really worth drawing up a will in Turkey, no matter what type of property you own. Simply take the help of an expert who can assist you in making the necessary arrangements.