Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt Children in Turkey?

Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt Children in Turkey?

Can Same-Sex Couples Adopt Children in Turkey?

One of the most searched queries online for same-sex couples wishing to move to Turkey is that; “can gay couples adopt children in Turkey?”

LGBT Turks are considered unsuitable to be parents, although it is unclear if the law supports this. It’s also unclear when this policy went into effect. However, in Turkey, same-sex adoptions are prohibited, and Turkish officials have sought to recover Turkish children adopted by same-sex couples in other countries.

Adoption establishes a child-parental relationship by establishing legal ties between a child whose status is eligible for adoption and the person/spouse whose status is eligible for adoption. In Turkey, the adoption procedure takes place within the framework of the relevant provisions of the Turkish Civil Code. For this reason, failure to meet the conditions specified in the law is considered absolute invalidity.

With the legalization of same-sex marriages, same-sex couples’ adoption has also become legal in some countries. It is 85% -90% legal for same-sex couples to adopt, especially in European and North American countries.

In Turkey, however, there is no legal regulation regarding both the legal status of same-sex couples and their adoption. For this reason, there is no legal basis or rules for same-sex couples to adopt children in Turkey. In short, it is unclear whether there is any legislation to support this in terms of adoptions of LGBT+ individuals.

However, for Turkish children adopted by same-sex couples in foreign countries, applications have been made by the Government of the Republic of Turkey to invalidate the adoption relationship.

Turkey wants children adopted by overseas homosexual couples back to the nation, according to ‘The Inquisitr.’ Turkish authorities are waging a campaign to get adopted children living in families that do not adhere to Islamic principles returned to Turkey. Ayhan Sefer Ustun, the Turkish commission’s chairman, called raising a kid in one’s own culture a “fundamental right.” Through diplomatic procedures, adopted children may be taken from their present families.

We hope that this short article answers some of your questions regarding same-sex couples adopting children in Turkey.

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