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Employment of Foreign Citizens in Turkey

Employment of Foreign Citizens in Turkey

If we talk about the employment laws in Turkey, they are the same for both foreigners and Turkish nationals. The only difference lies in the special provisions that control the employment of foreign nationals who want to work in Turkey for their better life.

The foreign nationals, whether want to open a company in Turkey or want to work under any employer in this country, must know that they need to have a work and residence permit to make the entire process easier and stress-free. You need not visit Turkey to obtain the work permit; it can be obtained even if you are outside the country. For this, you require preparing all the essential documents and sending them to the Turkish authorities.

How to Apply for A Work Permit for Employment in Turkey?

If you are a foreign citizen who lives in your home country, to apply for a work permit, you need to visit the Turkish consulate or embassy in your country. If you already have a residence permit of Turkey, you need to send the necessary documents to the Ministry of Labor in Turkey. These documents can be sent directly to the Turkish authorities.

If you are going to send necessary documents from your country of citizenship, then you need a passport, work visa application, photo and a copy of the employment contract

On the other hand, an employer must send an application to the Ministry of Labor in Turkey for the foreign employee who wants to start employment in Turkey. The entire process of work permit usually takes at least one month. In addition to a work permit, if foreign citizen also needs a residence permit in Turkey, it is mandatory to apply to the Foreign’s Branch of the Local Police in this regard. Make sure, you should apply for a residence permit within 30 days of your arrival in Turkey.

If foreign citizen already has a residence permit and wants employment in Turkey, he/she can apply for a work permit directly to the Ministry of Labor in Turkey.

Preliminary Permission for A Work Permit

If you want to work in healthcare services, you need preliminary permission by the Ministry of Health in healthcare service. Similarly, you need permission from the Ministry of National Education in educational services to work in educational services. The main purpose of preliminary permission is to evaluate the skills and efficiency of a foreign citizen in the field that he/she serves.