How Long Will it Take to Receive Your Turkish Residence Permit?

How Long Will it Take to Receive Your Turkish Residence Permit?

Turkish Residence Permit

Having a Turkish residence permit ID card is a dream for foreigners who wish to live longer in Turkey. How marvelous is it to get the same right as a Turkish citizen in some areas when you live in the country? So, how long will it take to receive your Turkish residence permit?

Just Visa is Not Enough

What about a visa? The duration of the visa varies from one country to the next. Some countries receive a 90-day period, some receive a 60-day period, and others receive only a 30-day period to stay in Turkey. In addition to visas and e-visas, Turkey now permits citizens of selected nations to enter the country without a visa. It will take effect on March 2, 2020. “Visa Exemption” is the name of this program.

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom are among the countries that have joined the “Visa Exemption” program. However, if you are a devoted traveler who dreams of staying longer in Hagia Sophia’s home, this will not be enough.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Your Turkish Residence Permit?

So first, you must apply for a residence permit in Turkey. This will be done first on the Directorate General of Migration Management‘s online website on the “E-Visa” page. You will prepare the essential paperwork to be brought to the authorities’ office when you have set an appointment date. You know you’re one step closer to achieving your goal once each document has been verified and approved by the employees there. You will be requested to pay a charge for a residence permit ID card and wait for it to be delivered to your address.

But how long should I wait to receive my Turkish residence permit ID card? Upon application, and when the authorities do the evaluation process, you can expect to receive your Turkish residence permit ID card between one or two weeks.

Few of The Many Benefits of a Turkish Residence Permit

Foreigners with a Turkish residence permit ID card can live in Turkey as an individual or with their family. Now, you have the option of staying in Turkey for up to one or two years. You will also have the option of marrying a Turkish man or woman as your spouse, and you will be able to open a bank account in your community. Additionally, you can substitute your “foreign driver’s license” with a “Turkish driver’s license.”

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