The Questions and Answers You Should Read about Residence Permit in Turkey

The Questions and Answers You Should Read about Residence Permit in Turkey

The Questions and Answers You Should Read about Residence Permit in Turkey

This article will answer some questions that you might have about residence permits in Turkey.

Can I go abroad when I have a residence permit in Turkey? Sometimes foreigners will go to another country or go to their home country even after having a Turkish residence permit. Surely you can stay outside Turkey as long as you need. But do not forget about your residence permit expiration date. If you still want to live in Turkey legally using your residence permit, please do not exceed the validity period.

Can I stay in Turkey without a residence permit? A foreigner can stay legally in Turkey without holding a residence permit because of their visa expiration date. Countries can differ from one to another. Your country may get the maximum of either 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. It can be spent consecutively or separately, but it is still within 180 days since their first arrival in Turkey. The 180 days is actually the validity period of a Turkish residence permit. Be brave enough to stay any longer, and you will face the risk of a fine and deportation.

Types of Residence Permits

Short-Term Residence Permit: Foreigners might live legally in Turkey using their permit for up to one year before renewing it back. This type of short-term residence permit is for tourism purposes, business purposes, and buying property.

Long-Term Residence Permit: This residence permit might be valid infinitely. Unless they reside outside Turkey for more than one year while holding the permit, this rule excludes people with the reasons for health, education, or compulsory public service in the beholder’s native homeland. Foreigners may apply for long-term residence permit when they have resided in Turkey for a minimum of eight years consistently.

Family Residence Permit: The validity of this type is up to three years. Family residence permit suits foreign nationals who wish to bring their spouse, child, and other family members to Turkey.

Student Residence Permit: This residence permit will be valid during the duration of the course by the approval of their Turkish Educational Institute. It can be for one, two, three, or even more years.

Humanitarian Residence Permit: This type is specifically for those who suffer from displacement from civil war, violation of human rights, refugees, and a wide variety of individual humanitarian situations. The governments offered humanitarian residence permit which for up to one year validity.

Residence Permit For Victims of Human Trafficking: This residence permit shall be issued when someone has strong circumstance evidence that they might be the victim. It can be valid for up to 30 days and extended for a maximum of six months. However, the total extension cannot exceed three years.