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Dismissal According To The Employment Contracts In Turkey

Dismissal According To The Employment Contracts In Turkey

This article aims to explain Dismissal according to the employment contracts in Turkey.

Dismissal Of Employees According To The Employment Contracts In Turkey

The process of terminating the business relationship occurs in 3 ways.

The first of these is the spontaneous termination of the process, such as the death of the worker, the spontaneous termination of the contract due to the structure, the termination of the contract due to invalidity.

The second, the employment contract is terminated by the worker that the employment contract of the employee in very general terms, could end up as your own personal career or other reasons based on the employer’s good faith against him in accordance with the rules of morality and behavior to be found in non-health reasons, compelling reasons, or depending on can last.

The third form in the process of terminating the business relationship is the termination of the business relationship by the employer. The decision in this dismissal is up to the employer.

The causes of this situation are generally owed to the work of the Worker Fails to comply with the terms of the contract. Continuity shows that health problems, and professional incompetence contrary to morality and good intentions, work absenteeism, workers could be reasons such as poor performance or behaviour arising from the yield of a job as businesses that are unrelated to or resulting from the general economic situation.

Dismissal According To The Employment Contracts In Turkey – Termination Processes

The Labor Law No. 4857 also recognizes the freedom it provides to the parties in the construction of a business relationship within the framework of freedom of contract in the process of termination of a business relationship within the framework of certain limits and rules. This freedom should be assessed under the rules of goodwill. For malicious processes, certain compensation provisions have been determined.

As for the termination of the employment relationship with the employer, the following two considerations were determined. These are valid when examining the valid or justified situations that give the employer the right to terminate the employment relationship with respect to the termination of the employment relationship:

  1. Behavior and efficiency of the worker
  2. Workplace, enterprise or job requirements

Labor Law No. 4857, justifiable reasons for termination of an employment contract by an employee or employer 24. and 25. he has laid out in general terms in his articles. An immediate termination based on Article 25 will not result in the employee’s right to severance pay.

Here, it should be noted by the employer that the right to immediate termination for a justified reason should be exercised within six working days from the knowledge of the justified reason and in any case within one year from the occurrence of the event that constitutes the justified reason.

Dismissal According To The Employment Contracts In Turkey – Job Assurance

Another important issue to consider by employers is whether the worker has job security. from the point of view of workers subject to the provisions of” job assurance”, employers must base the termination on a valid reason for the termination of the notice period.

In order to apply the provisions of job security, the employee whose employment contract has been terminated;

  1. Have at least six months of seniority
  2. Employment of 30 or more workers in the workplace,
  3. Work of the employee with an indefinite term employment contract
  4. There should be no employer attorney in a certain position.

Indefinite term employment contracts can only be terminated without a justifiable reason, provided that the termination is notified to the employee by the employer. Otherwise, the employee may have the right to claim notification compensation. These notice periods mentioned, Labor;

  • If he/she worked for less than six months, two weeks
  • If he/she worked from six months to one and a half years, four weeks,
  • If he/she worked from one and a half years to three years, six weeks,
  • If he/she has worked for more than three years, it is eight weeks.

If the employer does not want the employee to work during the notification period, he must pay the entire wage amount to the employee in advance, which will be determined according to this notification period.

While it is not possible to shorten the notice periods, the contract signed between the parties can be extended in favor of the worker.

In Terms Of Labor Legislation, The Main Employee Behavior That Gives The Employer The Right To Terminate The Labor Relationship

Dismissal According To The Employment Contracts In Turkey – Lack Of Employee Performance

The Occupational incapacity of the worker is a valid reason for the termination of the employment contract on a notice period. Professional incompetence of workers who work the same or similar jobs, according to friends work less efficiently than average, although with vocational qualifications does not work as required, or issues such as lack of initiative, dynamism covers the lack of quick decision making situations.

In accordance with the labor law and the case law of the Supreme Court, in order to determine the employee’s poor performance, there must be a performance evaluation system applied at work, and the employee’s poor performance can be determined according to objective criteria.

Negative Behavior Of The Worker

Although these negative behaviors are not severe enough to create a justifiable reason, they make the continuation of the employment relationship unbearable from the employer’s point of view and disrupt the functioning of the workplace and work, the employer has the opportunity to terminate the employment contract for a period of notice for a valid reason.

For example, failure of the worker to perform his / her duty despite being reminded of him / her is a justifiable reason for termination, while incomplete, poor or inadequate performance is a valid reason for termination.

Such termination must necessarily be based on” moderation”. There must be a proportion between the negative behavior of the worker and the consequences of termination. At this point, although the behavior of the employee has not fundamentally shaken the relationship of trust between the employer and the employee, it must have shaken the trust. That should be present in the business relationship to such a degree that the employer cannot be expected to continue the relationship. So the termination of the employment contract can be considered in accordance with the law.

Termination Due To the Requirements of the Workplace, Enterprise or Job

In cases of termination due to the requirements of workplace, enterprise or job, the factors that make termination mandatory are not due to the employee himself, but usually due to employer or market conditions. Act 18. in accordance with the article, the employer has the opportunity to terminate an indefinite-term employment contract on the basis of a valid reason arising from the requirements of the workplace, enterprise or job.


The consent of the employer or the worker without a valid reason two days in a row, or twice in a month from the day of any holiday the next business day or any three days in a month ceased to work, the employer constitutes just cause for termination of the employment contract.

In this case, the employer has no obligation to notify on a permanent basis. The employer may immediately terminate the employment contract for a justifiable reason, and the employee will not have the right to receive severance pay.

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