What Jobs are in Demand in Turkey?

What Jobs are in Demand in Turkey?

What are the most in-demand jobs in Turkey?

Many reasons attract ex-pats and foreigners to be a part of Turkey in one or another way. If you are the one who is looking for a job in Turkey, it’s very important to go through the job market in the country and must proceed further accordingly. Finding a job in Turkey as an ex-pat or foreigner may be a little difficult, but this process can be made easier if you are well-informed about the jobs that are in demand in the country.

But, before looking for a job in Turkey, it’s always recommended to upgrade yourself with the right knowledge and skills, that can help you in getting a job in Turkey easily. Even if it requires any need of undergoing some special training in a specific field, you must avail yourself of this opportunity to ease the task of getting employed in Turkey.

Always keep in mind that if you want to live in a changing world, you must constantly update and improve your skills. It’s one of the most important ways to stay competitive in the job market in Turkey or other countries. Here, we are going to share some common jobs that are in great demand in Turkey and ex-pats can easily get them.

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What Jobs are in Demand in Turkey?

Customer Care Services 

The ex-pats and foreigners with a high level of fluent English are most likely to get a customer service job in Turkey. You must know that the increase in the international businesses in the country has increased the job opportunity for people speaking English fluently. Many businesses are in continuous need of customer care service, to maintain strong relationships with customers, especially with the local customers. Several tourist agencies offer such jobs in Turkey. The main task in this job is to attend to the calls of the customers and resolve their queries.

To get a job in Turkey in customer care services, you must have good public relations skills so that you can impress your employer during the interview. Having good interpersonal skills means you are the right candidate to maintain the customers. It also helps a lot in improving the customer network.

Teaching Foreign Languages

Becoming a foreign language teacher is one of the great demanding jobs in Turkey. If you are an expert in any foreign language, you can make your living easier in Turkey by getting any such job. If you are a foreigner, it’s very obvious that you are an expert in your native language or there are also chances that you may be the one you have learned one foreign language before planning to move to Turkey. The majority of locals in Turkey love to learn foreign languages, so it’s a great opportunity for you to get this type of job and ease your living.

If you don’t know how to start teaching a foreign language to the locals, you can start it with private tuition. Always remember that anything new may not be started immediately. So, have patience and start from the small before reaching the big. The foreign languages taught in Turkey include; French, Spanish, English, German, and Arabic.

Meanwhile, also look for a job in Turkey with a requirement for a foreign language tutor. You can also choose to teach in language schools or private colleges. Another option is to teach in seasonal courses. In addition to this, you must also have Turkish language skills so that you can communicate easily with others in their local language. But this is not mandatory.


Do you know that Turkish families with high income are more likely to hire an English or German-speaking babysitter for their kids? They want their kids to grow with a second language. If you are the one who is good at dealing with kids and very well knows how to handle them, you can consider this job in Turkey. You must have good communication skills with kids and if you have this, nothing can stop you from getting a good job in Turkey in this field. The best part of this job is that you will be paid well. Moreover, you will get accommodation and a food facility as well. It means your rent expense will become zero, and you can save your money.

Editor, Proofreader, and Translator

If you are confident in your grammar skills, and if you are also a native speaker, you can be a perfect candidate for an editor, proofreader, or translator job(s). Various publishing agencies in Turkey require a good editor or proofreader to translate the work. Whether it is a publishing agency or a daily newspaper, a good and capable editor is in great demand in Turkey. You can start this job as a part-time editor and with your regular efforts and hard work and can become an experienced editor in a few years.

No worries if you do not want a permanent job as an editor, proofreader, or translator, you can do this part-time along with another job in Turkey. This provides you with a good job opportunity to make quick cash in Turkey. You must also know that English to Turkish translations may not get you much money, but if you choose a job of translation from Turkish to English, you may get a high amount.

Import-export Sales Specialist

Textile goods in Turkey are in great demand all around the world. So, it leads to high import-export traffic. Due to this reason, to manage international activities, these companies require an English speaker. If you are a native English speaker and have good sales skills, you can pursue your career as an import-export sales specialist. Along with this, you must have good presentation and communication skills so that you can go a long way in this field.

This job is not as easy as you think. But, if you have a good degree from a reputed university and have a few years of experience, these are an added advantage. Thus, you must not miss the opportunity of getting this job in Turkey.

Final Words on; “What Jobs are in Demand in Turkey?”

Whatever job in Turkey you choose to be a part of this historical country, you must not forget that you must be honest and have good interpersonal skills. In addition to these, good work ethics are something that is always appreciated by employers. Enjoy the benefits of plenty of jobs in Turkey, that offers enough money to survive and make a living.

Also, remember that you can look at job finding websites and search for a job in Turkey. Social media such as LinkedIn can also be helpful.