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3 Cultural Taboos in Turkey You Should Know and Avoid

3 Cultural Taboos in Turkey You Should Know and Avoid

Turkey is a very beautiful country and Turkish people are super friendly and welcoming. But like every other country in the world there are some things you should avoid doing in public. Because this is a country that is culturally rich, you would do well to be respectful of the traditions. And also respect the values held by the Turkish people.

The Cultural Taboos of Turkey


This is a subject that is taboo in every other country in varying degrees. Turkey, being very family oriented and reverent towards elders, it is a taboo to talk openly about sex. Especially in front of elders or children. There is a certain distance of respect between the genders, which should not be crossed in public.


You should never disrespect the religion of the people and talk bad about Muslims. If you happen to travel to the country during the holy month of Ramadan, avoid eating or drinking in public during the fasting time. Not that its illegal or you will be apprehended for doing so, but it is just respectful towards the fasting Turkish people. They will appreciate you for it.


Do not get into any arguments with the Turkish people. They are passionate about their history, politics, country and religion. If you say anything bad, it can quickly go from just a disagreement to argument to full on fight. You can participate in friendly discussions but avoid being assertive with your opinion. Especially when it comes to something about the country.

Turkey Cultural Taboos Are Nothing Extreme

Using the word taboo is probably a bit harsh because what the Turkish people really are, can at most be called sensitive. And which country is not sensitive about their culture, history, people, religion and values? Turkey is a peaceful country overall and welcomes all its visitors with open arms. You have to visit the country to know exactly how special it is. Just be respectful of the country and its people. You too will be respected and honored more in return.