Opportunities for Tourism Development in Turkey

Opportunities for Tourism Development in Turkey

Tourism Development in Turkey

Tourism development in Turkey takes an important place since millions of tourists visit the country every year; Istanbul has gained 5th place as the most visited city in the world. According to the annual MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index issued on June 3, Istanbul beat New York and Singapore, gaining two positions to become the world’s fifth most-visited city, surpassing New York and Singapore.[1]

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, tourism was suffered massively around the world. The number of foreigners visiting Turkey in the January-February period of this year (2021) decreased by 70.24 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and became one million 47 thousand 763. Thus, the number of tourists visiting Turkey in the first two months of 2020 and 2021, that is, in 14 months, was determined as 17 million 18 thousand 964.

Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of its magnificent natural beauty, historic and cultural monuments, and delicious cuisine. In 2019, like in previous years, the number of arriving visitors to Turkey grew by 13.7%, reaching 51.8 million people, a new high.[2]

Opportunities for Tourism Development in Turkey

Being previously at 7th place, Istanbul has shown a much higher growth rate than other countries, like Bangkok, Dubai, and Paris. This has developed great opportunities for the tourism industry in Turkey to serve visitors with the best possible services and facilities.

What Makes Istanbul the 5th Most Visited City In The World?

No doubt, many other countries are continually growing their international visitors at a high rate, but the environment, lifestyle, stunning landscapes, incredible tourist places, and affordability have made Istanbul overtake other countries and gained this prestigious position. It opens the door for foreigners to explore Turkish culture and tradition, and their way of living.

Istanbul is found to be the fastest-growing destination in Europe, in addition to other growing cities in Europe (such as; Bucharest, Budapest, and Warsaw). The other cities that hold the top four positions are; London, Bangkok, Paris, and Dubai. So, it has been also reported that if Istanbul continues to grow at this rate, it would replace Paris one day.

Moreover, it’s reported that Istanbul has the most diverse visitor base. It means people from all around the world visit Istanbul for one or more reasons, like for wedding ceremonies, employment, studying, and even for investment. Half of the international tourists in Turkey visit Istanbul every year. Thus, it brings the source of economic stability to the country.

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Tourism Development Opportunities in Turkey

It’s very clear that to accomplish the tourism goals, one country must create an environment that grabs the attention of global visitors. It’s possible when the revenues are distributed across different sectors with the chances of maximum tourists. Turkey knows this very well and acts accordingly.

Due to the highest number of international visitors, Istanbul shares great revenue in Turkey’s tourism industry. This increases the target of the tourism sector while aiming to attract more visitors and increase the amount of tourism in the country.

Keep in mind that here we are not just talking about tourism for enjoying beautiful destinations in Turkey. It includes tourism for different purposes, such as; health, religion, culture, and even sports. Tourism in all these sectors collectively helps greatly in bringing tourism and economic growth to the country.

Turkey eyes 25 million foreign visitors in 2021

After a decrease in tourist numbers due to the pandemic, Turkey’s tourism sector believes that coronavirus vaccinations would increase tourism and bring in over 25 million international tourists in 2021. According to tourism sector insiders, it will take at least two years for the number of visitors to return to pre-pandemic levels. The tourism industry contributes up to 12% of the Turkish gross domestic product (GDP).[3]

As a result of the epidemic, which resulted in international travel restrictions, border closures, and a general decline in consumer demand, the country’s tourist revenue has shrunk substantially. In 2019 year, 45.06 million international visitors visited Turkey, bringing in $34.5 billion in tourism income. The number of international visitors coming to Turkey in the first 11 months of 2020 was 12 million, a seventy-two percent decrease.[3]

Turkey is a strong touristic country and relies on tourism to boost part of its economy. Turkey’s tourism was hurt due to the pandemic but Turkey is hoping to recover from this in the upcoming years and get back to the original touristic numbers across the country. Also, Turkey aims for new highs in the tourism sector. Thus, this is a great opportunity for investors looking to invest in Turkey’s tourism sector.

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