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Everything You Need To Know About Turkish-Pakistani Marriages

Everything You Need To Know About Turkish-Pakistani Marriages

Can A Turkish National, Get Married to a Foreign National

Yes! Of course. A recent report published in a Turkish newspaper broken some news recently, that trend of Turkish and foreign marriages is gaining height. The trend of preferring other nationals for marriage is most common among the young generation as they don’t bother much about cultural and religious differences.

Turkish-Pakistani Marriages

Pakistan and Turkey both belong to Islam and both hold a maximum population of Muslims. Pakistan possesses 96% of Muslims and Turkey has 98% Muslim population So marrying a Pakistani, won’t be a big challenge or ill advice for Turkey national. But yet cultural difference exit.

Being a secular state, Turkey holds quite different legislation for marriages and women’s rights on the other hand Pakistan is a pure Islamic state and all family law is based purely on Islam. Pakistani man adoration with a Turkish man is appreciated. There is quite a big number of Turks –Pakistani marriages.

Turkish girls most likely to say yes, to their Pakistani man on the other hand hardly an example of Turk man and Pakistani women marriage exist. If a Pakistani nationality holder plan to get married in Turkey than he or she must be aware of. In Turkey, civil marriages are legal and valid everywhere in the world. A religious marriage can be performed after a civil one

The Documents Required for Marriage

• Passport/identification for a foreigner, with a valid tourist visa, translated into Turkish by Turkish consulate.
• Health certificate, issued by central examination center in Turkey or from any internationally organized medical center accepted in Turkey
• Full birth certificate, translated in Turkey language
• Decree absolute (in case of divorce)
• If widowed, previous husband death certificate
• 6 passport-sized photos