Listing on The Stock Exchange in Istanbul

Listing on The Stock Exchange in Istanbul

There are some steps to take for a listing on the stock exchange in Istanbul.

Listing on The Stock Exchange in Istanbul

The definition is that capital market instruments that are requested to be traded continuously in securities exchanges are registered on the relevant Sunday list and allowed for trading if they fulfill the conditions set out in the relevant exchange regulations.

The capital market instruments that may be subject to trading in stock exchanges must be listed in the markets whose operating principles are determined in the related stock exchange regulation. The capital market instrument taken to the stock market quota of a partnership is traded in the relevant market where the quota is received.

What is a Quotation?

The quotation also means listing. Although this word is used in Western countries to mean; “deferral transaction of any securities in the buying and selling part of the asset halls out of the purpose of the price,” in Turkey it means; “to be placed on the list of securities issued by the joint-stock company (JSC) or public institutions.”

In our world, where the globalizing and capital markets have become widespread, the trading volume of prestigious stock exchanges is increasing and foreign exporters have their shares quoted. Due to the quality structure of the securities resources quoted to foreign exporters or stock exchanges, managers are determined by different elements, from the number of transactions in the stock exchange to the adequacy of new product development to the number of shares.

In addition, there is a regulation on quotation procedures in Turkey. Borsa Istanbul quotation regulation contains articles about the process in which the necessary procedures will be performed.

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Quota Acquisition of Securities in the IMKB

The quotation activity is the process of obtaining permits and trading on the stock market. In the first stage, the Borsa Istanbul reviews exporter applications during the initial public offering period, when securities are offered on the stock market. The shareholders who trade on the stock market monitor the firms in the second phase to see if they meet the standards for being listed.

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