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Historical Facts About Synagogues of Turkey

Historical Facts About Synagogues of Turkey

Turkish rich history is as fascinating and interesting as is the country itself as well as its people. Before and during the Ottoman era, there are many Jews and Christians living in Turkey. What this means is the country is filled with amazing architectures that are a combination of all three religions, Islam, Christianity and Jewish. You will find beautiful mosques, stunning churches and exquisite synagogues spread all over Turkey. These are hidden gems are just waiting to be discovered by anyone who is interested.

Historical facts About Synagogues of Turkey

There are still minority communities of Jewish population spread all over Turkey and there are also around 26 synagogues. These offer a wonderful insight into the architectural brilliance of the Jewish community of Turkey. If you really want to have a look around these brilliant wonders, make sure you make an appointment first. Many synagogues in Turkey do not allow random visitors to enter.

One of the most significant synagogues is The Grand Synagogue of Edirne. It first opened its doors for prayers in 1909. Back then it was the third biggest synagogue in Europe and the largest in Turkey. Another must-visit is the Ahrida Synagogue in Istanbul. Located in Balat, it is one of the oldest in Istanbul.

The most noteworthy of all synagogues in Turkey is probably the Neve Shalom Synagogue located in Istanbul. It is the largest in the city and makes for a remarkable treat for the sore eyes. It is one of the key prayer sites for the Jew community of Istanbul and historically very important.

The Jewish History of Turkey

The Jewish community is a minority in Turkey with around 17000 residing in the country now. Despite this fact, they are as much part of the country as are the majority Muslim population.

The Jews enjoy all rights as citizens of Turkey and reside harmoniously with others. If you visit Turkey, you will see for yourself how all the communities, religions reside peacefully with each other. It is indeed something to be learned from this amazing country.