How Are The Lives of Jews in Turkey?

How Are The Lives of Jews in Turkey?

Lives of Jews in Turkey

So, how are the lives of Jews in Turkey? Turkey is a unique country. It is the only Muslim majority nation in the world that boasts of being secular. The constitution of the country protects the right to follow the religion of choice for all its citizens.

The majority of Turkish people follow Islam, but there are minority communities of Christians and Jews. Most Jewish Turks stay in the vibrant city of Istanbul, with a few also living in other cities like Izmir, Antakya, and Bursa. There are presently around 17,000 Jews in Turkey that have an overall estimated population of 80 million. The number is small, but they are safe to practice the religion of their choice and live in harmony with other Turks.

What is it Like Being Jewish in Turkey?

You will definitely get a very positive reply if you ask the Jewish population of the country. After all, Turks are known to be one of the most tolerant, peaceful, and friendliest people in the world. People from all religious backgrounds, including Jews, stay harmoniously within the country.

There are 26 Synagogues in total located in the city of Istanbul. The most notable of these is the famous Neve Shalom Synagogue situated in Karakoy. Other Synagogues are worth a visit, too, if you are interested. There is also a Turkish Jewish Museum, and Limmud Turkey attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The Jews in Turkey enjoy all the benefits of being Turkish, and they are not treated any differently within the country. This is possibly one of the best things about Turks; they belong to the country first and then any religion.

An Amazing Country For All

People of all religions are welcome in Turkey and are treated equally. It doesn’t matter which religion you belong to; once you come to Turkey, you will fall in love with the country. The amazing people, the beautiful locales, the rich history, and the remarkable culture all make Turkey one of the most wonderful places for holidays. Their secularism and tolerance for all religions only make the country more attractive.

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