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Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Cancer Treatment in Turkey

Lying at the heart of Europe and Asia, Turkey will offer you the tantalizing blend of exotic nature and familiar environment in which your health will thrive. With great architecture, rich history, fine beaches, and magnificent scenery, Turkey is also a health and medical hub.

If you are planning to get treatment for cancer then you will find high-quality facilities and nurturing nature with competitive prices. A medical tourist destination, Turkey will help you to heal your cancer with affordable treatment and fostering natural surroundings.

Why Choose Turkey for Cancer Treatment?

Healing Environment with Top Facilities

Turkish hospitals will offer you affordable and amazing solutions for cancer in a vacation-like environment. We all know how positive vibes help you heal better and as a result tourist feel more relaxed and this fastens their healing process.

Hospitals are located in the city of Istanbul and Izmir is conveniently located near markets and sights that are a visual treat so you can enjoy your stay while undergoing your treatment.

The Marvelous Healthcare System of Turkey

Doctors and nurses are trained at the same level as any other European country with modern and clean hospitals booming with sterilized equipment. The private facilities of Turkey are thriving and on par with any other hospital present in Europe or Asia.

Relax on the beach while going through the cancer treatment will speed up your recovery process!

Other Advantages

A high level of medical service will help you survive the therapy with all the procedures and requirements as per the instruction of the World Health Organization. Adequate cost of treatment won’t be a burden on your pockets and the quality of the treatment will be maintained throughout the process.

What Are the Prices Of Cancer Treatment in Turkey?

After completing all the diagnostic procedures, the doctor will prescribe you with the optimal treatment program. Prices will vary depending on your chosen treatment center. The prices are:

● Computed tomography – starts from $800
● Oncological consultation – starts from $200
● positron emission computed tomography – starts from $1500
● Bone marrow transplantation (diagnosis – leukemia) – starts from 120 thousand dollars
● Pancreatic cancer (without metastases) – starts from 40 thousand dollars

Turkey is a great place to cure cancer with amazing treatment centers booming with technology and amazing and thriving natural beauty helping mentally to get cured!