Does The Turkish Government Allow Double Citizenship?

Does The Turkish Government Allow Double Citizenship?

Does The Turkish Government Allow Double Citizenship?

Yes, the Turkish government allows you to get double citizenship and gives you the freedom to enjoy numerous benefits of getting citizenship in Turkey and other countries. But, to get double citizenship in Turkey, you need to provide lots of documents to the Turkish government all through the process. Moreover, Turkish citizens with dual citizenship do not require to use their Turkish passport to enter or leave Turkey.

There is no doubt that having citizenship in more than one country is always been a beneficial act. Turkey is a country that many foreigners love to be part of, due to one or more reasons. The historical background, lifestyle, culture, economic growth status, climate, trading facilities, etc., are some of the reasons that attract people from other countries to gain double citizenship in Turkey.

Whether we talk about domestic or foreign investors or entrepreneurs, all of them have the right to get double citizenship and enjoy being citizens of two countries. As per the research, it has been found that property sales in Turkey have been increased in the past few years and are likely to continue in the coming years as well. This simply means that people who visit Turkey prefer to settle down in the country and apply for double citizenship in Turkey.

Guide To Get Double Citizenship in Turkey

As previously stated, Turkey embraces the notion of dual citizenship, which permits both domestic and international individuals to be citizens of multiple countries at the same time. Double citizenship is much easier in Turkey because no strong international law standards are governing the dual citizenship of two countries.

We all know that each country works on its own set of laws when it comes to nationality, and works based on the set of rules or domestic policies. Turkey is no different from other countries in this case. But getting double citizenship in Turkey is not a long process like various other countries. It is a personal choice of an individual whether the individual is interested in dual citizenship or not if that particular country allows double citizenship.

Even if you have gained a foreign nationality, your Turkish citizenship will not get affected in any way. You are free to enjoy double citizenship in Turkey without any hassle or worry. In addition to this, the citizens who are born with dual citizenship are free to choose one nationality over the other once they become adults or can go for both nationalities. This is because Turkey has no laws for these double citizens. They have the right to go with one or more nationalities of their own choice.

When the Turkish government identifies that an individual has dual nationality or permitting a citizen of Turkey to have another nationality, it just asks you to inform the suitable Turkish official(s). This can be your nearest Turkish embassy abroad. Along with it, you are also required to submit loads of documents. These include:

  • Original Naturalization Certificate,
  • Turkish Birth Certificate,
  • A document presenting the completion of military service (for male Turkish citizens),
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable),
  • Four photographs.


Moreover, after getting double citizenship in Turkey, it is not required to show your Turkish passport while entering and leaving the country. You just need to use your valid foreign passport and the Turkish national ID card to travel to and from Turkey. You must also know that Turkish citizens can remove their Turkish citizenship if they want to gain the citizenship of another country.

How to Get Turkish Citizenship?

The foreigners can apply for double citizenship in Turkey, but for that, they must meet certain situations such as; marriage, residence, birth, etc. The Turkish government also checks the intention of an individual to settle in the country permanently. Based on various factors, the Turkish government will allow you to become a citizen of Turkey along with the nationality of another country.

Let’s explain this concept with one simple example. Suppose you are living in Turkey for the last many years and have no plan to leave the country, you can consider applying for Turkish citizenship. As the Turkish government allows dual citizenship, so you can gain Turkish citizenship if you fulfill the required documents and meet the standard citizenship laws of Turkey. It means you can maintain your original nationality, and also enjoy dual citizenship in Turkey.

To apply for double citizenship in Turkey, you need not visit the country personally. You can apply for Turkish citizenship in advance with the Turkish embassy in your home country. There is not a long process for Turkish citizenship. Everything is quite straightforward, except the collection of documents you need to enjoy dual citizenship.

Feel free to contact a legal firm in Turkey to handle all of these legal affairs in your name.

The eligibility requirements for Turkish citizenship include:

  • Need to be of adult age, as per your home country,
  • Must have lived in Turkey for a minimum of five years with less than six months of interruption,
  • Must have lived in Turkey for three years if married to a Turkey citizen,
  • Must have lived in Turkey for three years if you are a foreigner and born in Turkey,
  • Must have sound physical and mental health,
  • Must have no criminal record,
  • Must speak Turkish at a basic level,
  • Must provide proof that you can support yourself in Turkey (if not married to a Turkish citizen), you can prove it if you have a job, and if not, then you can show your existing funds or pension payments.


If you want to improve your chances of getting dual citizenship in Turkey, the best way is to prove your valuable contribution to Turkish culture and society. This can be easily done if you are working with a Turkish company or if you are a professional athlete or if you are a university professional, etc.

Final Words on; “Does The Turkish Government Allow Double Citizenship?”

Obtaining second citizenship has always been a great experience when you can enjoy the benefits of your freedom and your wealth in your own way. Getting a second passport without any need to surrender the original citizenship is a wonderful thing that happens in some countries. The Turkish government is allowing double citizenship in Turkey, so people can enjoy multiple nationalities along with exploring and becoming a part of many countries.