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Best Winter Holiday and Ski Destinations in Turkey

Best Winter Holiday and Ski Destinations in Turkey

Sunny days and warm weather are related to Turkey but the sound of boards sliding on the snow and bunch of enthusiast mountaineers carving snowmen is one of the hidden and lesser-known identities of this beautiful country.

Turkey’s high-altitude mountains offer superb skiing experience and unparalleled snowboarding adventure with splendid and enviable snow conditions throughout the year. Snowy Turkey is definitely a place to visit.

Let’s plan the next winter of yours with some of the best ski and holiday destinations of frost-covered Turkey.
Heavenly destinations to visit during wintertime in Turkey:

What follows are some of the top-notch destinations for your perfect visit to Turkey in the chilly season:

Uludağ Mountain

One of the mountain sights of Turkey, an extinct volcano makes it the most interesting winter sports and hiking hub. Amazing forests, hills, and a perfect resort to learn everything about skiing from lessons, snowboards, hiking, and amazingly delicious food-everything are present in Uludağ Mountains.

Kartepe Ski Resort

Just 120kms far from the beautiful city of Istanbul, Kartepe is one of the most loved and preferred destinations for snow lovers. It is right next to Sapanca Lake which makes it an interesting spot for lots of people. There are lifts, chairlifts, and Tele ski available for people and you can reach the top in just 20 minutes. After a hard and tiring skiing session, you can enjoy and relax in this amazing resort.
Kartalkaya Ski Resort

If you are a snowboarding fan then Kartalkaya Ski Resort is the best place to visit during the snowy season. Not far away from Bolu, Turkey, it boasts 21 snowboarding tracks in various difficulty levels, so you will never get bored with skiing. Normally the snow level at least reaches 3 meters and that makes a perfect place for ski-aficionados. Traditional Turkish food is the specialty there and you will be in awe of this amazingly snowy mountain resort.

Erciyes Ski Resort

Erciyes is an extinct volcano mountain in Kayseri, Turkey and this makes it one of the most challenging and loved destinations for mountaineers and ski-fanatics. It is the fifth highest mountain of Turkey and possesses 32 tracks with different difficulties with the longest chairlift available at this resort.

If you want to really enjoy the winter and spend quality time with your family and loved one’s than these fluffy and frosty mountains of Turkey are one of the best places on earth!