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Getting A Job as An Expat in Turkey

Getting A Job as An Expat in Turkey

It is a challenging task to make a fresh start overseas and much more difficult even to find work that will support you in a nation where one does not know its cultural values and its vocabulary. Being a bridge from East to West with unbelievable archaeological and cultural beauty, Turkey is a hot area for expats who would like to experience going and immediately beginning a new life in a different country.

Could You Find A Job Without Learning Turkish in Turkey?

If you stay in one of the hotels where several local people speak English, without understanding Turkish it’s possible to get through. As a matter of fact, a lot of Expats when trying to speak their language are met with Turkish friends and colleagues who want to talk to one another in English, as they are trying to learn a new language as well.

In the case of political departments or public relations, such as water and electrical connection, many expats hire a management company’s services or at this stage have made good friends with local people who translate for them.

So How Can Turkish Be Learned Best?

The local council has set up free Turkish courses for who wants to learn Turkish in several cities where expats have taken part in a community. Books are written freely, and the vocabulary and grammar are assisted by an instructor. You can get the dates and details from Local Council. Another trick many expatriates use is to learn a word every day. Although it may not seem productive, they learned 365 words at the end of one year. Repetition is an essential part of the equation, so the word repeat allows the brain to maintain it throughout the day.

Is Turkish Knowledge A Huge Advantage?

Yes, certainly. Not just at work, but in their everyday lives of course. At the very least, it generates an increased working atmosphere for the expat to hold workshops, to consider what other people are thinking about, what they actually want you to register. It is, however, challenging setting up a new job and adapt to the climate, whether an expat knows Turkish or otherwise.
It’s never easy to migrate to a foreign country from start, but the toughest part is finding a career that is difficult but achievable with a little support.