Can I Bring an Accompanying to The Hospital in Turkey?

Can I Bring an Accompanying to The Hospital in Turkey?

Can I Bring an Accompanying to The Hospital in Turkey?

Turkey’s healthcare industry is fast developing, and  Turkey has made remarkable strides in medicine. Also, in the healthcare field, Turkey has established itself as a regional leader. Compared to the United States, Germany, and England, Turkey is a strong competitor in the healthcare industry. That being said, can you bring an accompany to a hospital in Turkey?

Turkey has been visited by almost two million health tourists each year. The reasons for entertaining such huge masses each year are;

  • Low-cost and high-quality procedures and treatments,
  • Result-driven procedures,
  • Health tourism-oriented hospitals,
  • The best choice to combine your holiday with a medical visit,
  • Internationally recognized healthcare centers.


Medical tourism is often for surgeries (cosmetics or otherwise) or similar treatments, though people also travel to Turkey for dental tourism or fertility tourism. People with rare conditions may travel to countries where the treatment is better understood. However, almost all types of healthcare are available, including; psychiatry, alternative medicine, convalescent care, and even burial services.

Large Private Healthcare Sector

Private healthcare often offers shorter waiting lists and higher quality services than the state system.

While you are in the hospital, most offer certain accommodations or rooms for your needs. Most rooms have adjustable beds, internet connections, TV, safe boxes, nurse call buttons, and air conditioning.

If you have a friend or family member traveling with you, be sure to let your doctor know if they will be staying with you as well, because there is only one patient guest allowed per single room, and your doctor must approve it. You may request special needs in most hospitals and should be directed to your nurse or the hospital’s receptionist.

They can usually accommodate your wishes or needs such as; worship, translator, and a daily newspaper. Don’t worry, most private or state hospitals in Turkey will let you bring an accompany with you.