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Winter Holiday Destinations of Turkey: Bolu and Kartalkaya

Winter Holiday Destinations of Turkey: Bolu and Kartalkaya

The winter season in Turkey brings plenty of snowfall across certain regions which are already globally well known as excellent holiday destinations. For tourists and travel enthusiasts who like to indulge in discovery and exploration besides also taking part in fun activities could find both Bolu & Kartalkaya to be impressively perfect.

Whether you like to observe nature and admire its beauty or prefer to thrill yourselves and have a good time, these two cities offer both and more so as to make your holiday worthwhile with pleasant experiences and joyful memories.


Located on the Black Sea, Bolu contains nearly 300 highlands and several winter resorts for having both adventures in the snow as well as camping for leisure while you behold the entire city as you reside in tiny, beautiful chalets. There are hotels too which offer toothsome meals prepared by cooks from Mengen who have won several awards in international competitions.

The Abant Yedigöller is a place located within Bolu which provides a scenic view of nature that is full of vivid colors whereas the towns called Göynük and Mudurnu have many historical places dating back to the existence of the Ottoman Empire. These towns are located close to the city center and are accessible easily even in the winters by tourists seeking both comfort and exhilaration.


Kartalkaya is a short drive away from Bolu and is located at the peak of the Köroğlu Mountains which receives eminent snowfall to allow winter sports activities. Since the altitude of Kartalkaya is roughly 2200 meters, one could also enjoy the luxury of seeing the picturesque landscape of pine trees covered in crystal snow during the winters.

There are plenty of affordable and grand ski hotels within Kartalkaya that also feature 12 ski pistes for mountain sports. The depth of the snow could even get to three meters which makes it ideal for renting snowboards, sleds, and skis from the hotel itself for adrenaline spiking winter sports adventure.

Besides these activities, one can also find entertainment in the form of guided tours, snow parties, torch walks, and fireworks shows where you could eat delicious Sucuk- Ekmek” sandwiches and hot wine to soothe the hunger pangs and related nerves.

Both these cities are merely forty minutes away from Istanbul, the capital of Turkey so you can be certain that you’ll almost always find easy means of transportation for further exploration and vacationing.