Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in Turkey

Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in Turkey

Establish a Company in the Forestry Sector in Turkey

Turkey is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Also, it’s one of the best places to expand your business and invest. The forestry sector in Turkey has been providing a healthy economy, geopolitical position, promising growth opportunities, a hard-working business community, and a young population. This attracts foreign investors from all around the world, thus they are eager to invest in Turkey.

Turkey has achieved significant progress in industrial output in recent years, with gains in both export and import markets. To open a company in the forestry sector in Turkey has some different aspects from Europe and American forestry such as ownership, social and economic frameworks.

Investing in the Forestry Sector in Turkey will give you many benefits. The information in this article will guide you to help you learn more about the industry as well as provide you with details regarding how you can set up your own company in Turkey.

Why set up a company in the Forestry Sector in Turkey?

The major reason for setting up companies in the forestry sector in Turkey is that many businesses are growing on trees. The latest research from the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the Nature Conservancy (TNC) found that businesses across the technology, customer products, and trading forestry sectors are making money from planting trees, with sales growing up to ten times each year.[1]

The forestry sector in Turkey is a strong exporting sector, giving support and aid to many people, especially in rural and poor areas. It’s a sector rich in capability that hasn’t yet been properly utilized, mainly due to the renunciation of rural areas and failure to provide investment in maintenance and protection. A business model based on the durability of resources and capability in all activities and processes was studied, with low costs and based on sub-contracting, and expected that it’s possible to invest in the forestry sector in a profitable and supportable way.[2]

This study was conducted to examine the structure of Turkey’s wood products industry and to suggest ways to boost the country’s competitive position in international markets.

Various types of companies in the Forestry Sector in Turkey

Here is an article for further reading; “Types of Companies in Turkey.”

Following are some of the common types of companies in the forestry sector in Turkey:

Pulp and Paper – Forestry Sector in Turkey

With high capital costs and long investment cycles, the pulp and paper manufacturing sector is energy and matrix materials intensive. The industry has an excellent track record in resource efficiency and novelty. Thanks to its knowledge of wood fiber, the pulp, and paper industry is at the cutting edge of developing innovative products besides more traditional products. It’s an initiate in making the low-carbon bio-economy an industrial reality. It’s ideal to open or approach such a company to learn about various ways you can maximize your capital investment.

Printing Industry – Forestry Sector in Turkey

Perhaps one of the most important types of the forestry sector in Turkey is the printing industry. The printing industry has a long ritual in Europe. The sector is linked with other forest-based industries such as woodworking, pulp, and paper. It’s an important employer, providing jobs for highly skilled and trained staff. To set up a company in the forestry sector can ideally help you with similar and other endeavors.

Woodworking – Forestry Sector in Turkey

The woodworking companies include the production of cutting wood, wood-based panels, and wooden products and fabric. About 70% of the wood is used in construction and furnishings. Handling wood to make these often requires much less energy than those acquired from other materials so the wood has a smaller carbon footmark than other materials.

Wood processing industries are mainly composed of small businesses. These businesses are scattered throughout the country despite, as we found in our study, geographic bunches do exist. Many small-scale furniture enterprises with labor-intensive technologies, provide employment and income opportunities in the poor, rural areas, and such the sector is of importance concerning employment creation and reducing regional differences in income distribution.[2]

Furniture – Forestry Sector in Turkey

The furniture sector is a labor-intensive and active sector affected by small and medium-sized companies. The furniture manufacturers have a good reputation worldwide. Thanks to their creative capacity for new designs and sensitivity to new demands. The industry can combine new technologies and creation with cultural inheritance and style and provide knowledgeable and skilled workers.

Requirements to Open a Company in The Forestry Sector in Turkey

Opening a company in the forestry sector in Turkey is no different from starting any other type of agricultural company. Local and foreign investors must first register one of the available types of structures with the Companies Registrar. Followed by choosing whether they want to buy their forests to utilize or execute their activities in a state-owned woodland.

Licenses Required for a Company in The Forestry Sector in Turkey

Once your Turkish company is registered, it must apply for a license for the utilization of the forest with the General Management of Forestry in Turkey. The license will grant them the right to plant and cut trees and build factories where the woodland is processed. It should be noted that the sale of wood coming from state-owned forests may be sold only by auction, not any other illegal ways.

Private companies may also set up various facilities in state-owned forests provided that these facilities are used for the benefit of the public. The license is issued by the Ministry of Forestry in Turkey and has a 49-year validity period.

You can learn more information regarding correctly registering a new company via Turkey’s official website or by consulting with a business development firm based in Turkey.

Final words and Conclusions on; “Set Up a Company in the Forestry Sector in Turkey”

The company incorporation process in Turkey is relatively straightforward, and the investor will be able to begin trading within a week, as long as they have everything in order. Turkey has an established but generally inefficient forest products industry. This article gives an overview of the forestry sector. Results from this study can be useful to manufacturers and policymakers in Turkey in short and long-term sectoral planning and development.

Setting up a company in the forestry sector in Turkey is easy and can be incredibly profitable. Doing so will help create job opportunities, and you will be beneficial in other ways where you can be offered Turkish citizenship and numerous other benefits. To open a Company in the forestry sector in Turkey can serve to be quite rewarding, in the ways of benefits that are similar to what is also enjoyed by a resident of Turkey.

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