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What Is the Best Investment in Turkey?

What Is the Best Investment in Turkey?

As a newly industrialized country Turkey has a high demand and there is a lack of supply in many sectors. Making the most liberal economic policies by the government, Turkey’s economy has seen a great growth from the last decade. On the other hand, Turkey has the highest population among all European countries, so it always has a great market. The gap between the demand and supply of the market with government policies attracted foreign investors to Turkey from worldwide.

What is the best side about investing in Turkey is that foreign investors get so many options that mostly investors get confused where to invest? Turkey is among those developed countries who give uncountable options to invest for foreign investors.

Popular Investment Options in Turkey

Foreigner investors has the freedom to choose any sector, any business to invest on. In fact, it is the easiest to invest in Turkey in any sector with lots of added advantages. Therefore, Turkey has attracted many foreign investments in the last 6 years it became the hub of foreign investors.

In Turkey, the foreign investors can invest in anyone or even in multiple businesses from different sectors. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rule of Turkey is the best FDI rule in the world that gives equal importance to foreign investors interest. So, the available investment options in Turkey for foreign investors are as following.

Finance and insurance sector

Manufacturing sector

Construction and real estate sector

Agricultural sector

The wholesale and retail sector

Logistics and warehouse sector

IT and technology sector

Textile and ready to wear clothing sector

Energy and natural resources sector

Environment and recycling sector

E-Commerce sector

Chemical industry

These are some of the most popular options among the worldwide foreign investors who invested in Turkey in the last 10/12 years.

Investor’s Personal Aspect

If an investor wants to know what the best option for investment is, then the answer can only be accurate at a very personal level. All the above options are popular among foreign investors and every investment option has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is true that these investment options give very good returns and are showing very good growth in recent years. But there are also incidents of personal failure and that is not because of the industry or business sector, but because of the lack of proficiency on a personal level or at the company level.

Be very careful to choose your investment option in Turkey. Because although there is a sea of vast investment options and most of the cases you don’t need any experience and special skills to invest in them, this can lead you to loss. So, don’t choose an investment option just because it is in trend or investors are investing more. Take it on a personal level and check all your strengths and weaknesses or ask for professionals to help.