The Penalties of Overstaying in Turkey

The Penalties of Overstaying in Turkey

You do not wish to get any penalties while using a residence permit in Turkey, don’t you? So, be careful about time. Let yourself know how long you can legally stay and do not overstay in Turkey.

Overstaying in Turkey: Leaving Turkey Without Getting Penalties

Be aware of when your residence permit in Turkey gets expired. It will be written on your residence permit ID card. So, literally, you may be spared from any penalties if you are cautious enough and have a willingness to obey the rules.

Basically, the penalty is received when foreigners or ex-pats are overstaying in Turkey, on purpose or not. Yeah. Maybe there is something special that caught their attention until they do not care about the fact that their residence permit ID card already expired, or whatever the reason is.

Getting a dynamic is kind of fun for some people. But it will not sound so once they really get the penalty. They will get an amount of fine and receive a ban to enter Turkey.

But the good thing is, you still can stay legally in Turkey ten (10) days after the visa expiration date. So, if you still have this period of stay, use your opportunity well. Extend it abruptly or choose to leave Turkey without receiving a single penalty.

The Penalties of Overstaying in Turkey

If the authorities caught you overstaying in Turkey for more than ten (10) days, there are some bad probable things you might get. You may be arrested, fined, deported, and/or even banned from entering Turkey at a certain time.

Ban and fine are usually imposed when you leave Turkey after an overstay by the border control officials. They are a part of the Turkish National Police.

Administrative Fine

Foreigners will be subject to administrative fines when they are exceeding the validity period of their residence permit in Turkey. The fine you receive depends on how long you overstayed and your nationality.

This fee is calculated based on the requirement of double the amount of the existing residence permit fee. If applicable, the fine may include a residence permit card fee and a single-entry visa fee. Foreigners who do not pay administrative fines and public receivables are not allowed to enter Turkey unless they pay them completely.

Entry Ban

Entry ban is imposed when foreigners are illegally staying in Turkey without a valid visa or residence permit. The length of the entry ban depends on how long they overstayed in Turkey. The maximum duration of the entry ban in Turkey is up to five (5) years.

However, the entry ban order will not be issued before a removal decision is taken against them.