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Is It Cheaper to Get Teeth Done in Turkey?

Is It Cheaper to Get Teeth Done in Turkey?

Turkey might be popular for tourism, business, and development but it is also known throughout the world for providing excellent dental treatments. It is usually because of the existence of fifteen advanced dentistry schools governed by the Turkish Ministry of Health which requires a dental practitioner to train for 5 years before getting a license and then practice it for an additional five years for specializing in orthodontics or prosthodontist. The practitioner is also required to become a member of the Turkish Dental Association and oral surgeons must also graduate from an accredited medical school which involves completing an exam followed by residency for 6 years before becoming properly qualified to provide independent dental healthcare.

Modern Dental Healthcare

Since Turkey follows European standards, the pieces of equipment at clinics are state-of-the-art and regularly maintained despite providing dental healthcare at half or less than half the cost it requires in developed countries such as the US, UK, and Germany.

You could expect all kinds of dental treatments to be available at private dental clinics as well as the public dental clinics for them both offer emergency care and various dental procedures. This makes Turkey witness the arrival of patients from various continents to not only save money but also get reliable treatment.

Cost of Dental Treatments

The fact that dental treatments cost less in Turkey could be accredited to the cost of clinical operations and training being less expensive that too without compromising on the quality of service.

Procedures such as tooth implants only cost nearly $800 while getting porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and similar treatments cost mere a couple of hundred dollars ($200-300) and even less for treatments like polishing, etc. These rates could be thousands and several hundred more respectively in the developed countries despite having a healthcare plan since their clinical procedure fees are greater.

Other treatments like a root canal, dentures, bridges, extractions, fillings to cost nearly a fourth of actual rates in the US and the UK due to the use of their own labs that have employees and technicians on a salary which removes the possibility of adding third-party fees. Thus, it is cheaper to get teeth done in Turkey.