Establish a Consulting Company in Turkey

Establish a Consulting Company in Turkey

Open a Consulting Company in Turkey

If you want to establish a consulting company in Turkey, then you must first familiarize yourself with the whole process of it to avoid any nasty surprises or penalties at the last minute. In order to open a consulting business in Turkey, there are fundamental regulations that you need to follow to register your company while continuing to practice your business.

While it’s always ideal that you must hire a qualified and reputable local lawyer to assist you through the process, this guide will serve to explain to you the various requirements and types in brief that you can learn for establishing a consulting business in Turkey.

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Why Open a Consulting Company in Turkey?

Located at one of the most favorable spots in the world, being a bridge between both continents, Turkey enjoys bi-directional trade opportunities from and within both European and Asian markets. Not only does Turkey have the landmass to house technological and industrial giants apart from numerous companies, but also has a vast coastline and various other elements that make the country a favorable place for investors and business developers to benefit from the land of the multiplying prospects.

From the progressively growing energy sector to the rapidly developing infrastructure, Turkey has a lot more to offer to residents and investors alike who plan on establishing their headquarters or offices in the nation. So before you learn how to open a consulting business in Turkey, let’s first learn about the different types of consulting companies.

Consulting Company in Turkey: Various Types

A consulting business in Turkey, like in most other parts of the world, can provide a plethora of services while enjoying a variety of clientele that is inclusive of individuals, corporations, independent small organizations, and so on.

Following are some of the common types of Consulting companies in Turkey:

Real Estate Consulting Company in Turkey

Such a consulting company can help their clients by providing proper knowledge regarding the various incentives secured by the Turkish government to investors who buy a property in Turkey or real estate in different parts of the country. Since such investment directly helps boost the country’s economy, it’s ideal to open or approach such a company to learn about various ways you can maximize your capital investment.

Legal Advisory Company in Turkey

When a country is growing at a steady pace, it does need strict laws and regulations to manage that progress. Thus, law advisory companies are widely approached by numerous foreign investors and local organizations to help them deal with their respective legal issues legitimately to accomplish their own goals.

IT Consulting Company in Turkey

There will always be demand for such companies in a developing country incrementally inching quickly towards becoming a developed country in the upcoming decades. Such a consulting business in Turkey can help their clients design their IT infrastructure that is the backbone of any business that wants to grow in today’s digital world.

Financial Advisory Company in Turkey

Perhaps one of the most important types of consulting company in Turkey is the financial advisory company. Beyond finely analyzing the market to spot lucrative opportunities that can deliver resolute financial gains to their clients, it can also provide useful insights into various other types of financial prospects that can help their clients make good financial decisions.

Business Development Consulting Company in Turkey

Turkey’s several provisions to attract investment in the country are inclusive of the government’s policy of creating special investment zones that are uniquely rewarding to investors who are ready with their capital to enter Turkey’s business market. A business development consultant company in Turkey can ideally help you with similar and other endeavors of yours should you need their assistance in entering the market sure-footed.

Auditing & Accounting Consulting Company in Turkey

Business organizations have long adopted new models of performing their business. They can hire independent consultants for accounting and other purposes to oversee their audits and other departments. A consultant company providing the same services can perform profitably in the current market state of the country.

How to Open a Consulting Company in Turkey?

Now that you have learned about the various types of consultant companies that you can establish in Turkey, let’s learn at a glance regarding what are the requirements that you need to fulfill to open a consulting company of the above-mentioned types in Turkey.

Requirements to Open a Consulting Company in Turkey

One of the best advantages to open a consulting company in Turkey is that you need not acquire a special permit or specific licenses. However, to register or establish a consulting business in Turkey, the following regulations and rules still apply in a self-explanatory manner:

  • Reserve a trading name of the company with the Turkish Trade Register.
  • Open the company’s bank account in a local bank in which a portion of the capital must be initially deposited before proceeding with the registration process.
  • Provide the required documents to be submitted to the Turkish Trade Register Office to get a registration certificate.
  • Obtain initial documents such as tax identification number, VAT number, employment registration, etc.


You can learn more information regarding correctly registering a new company via Turkey’s official website or consult with a business development firm based in Turkey.

Final Words and Conclusions on; “Establish a Consulting Company in Turkey”

Opening a consulting company in Turkey is easy and can be incredibly lucrative depending on the type you choose concerning the area it is located in the country. By doing so, you will be incentivized not only to create job opportunities that allow for tax benefits, but you will also be benefited in other ways wherein you can be offered citizenship, and numerous other benefits. Opening a consulting business in Turkey can be quite rewarding, in the ways of benefits similar to what is also enjoyed by a resident of Turkey.