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Turkey’s Most Happening Culture & Arts Festivals

Turkey’s Most Happening Culture & Arts Festivals

Turkey is a vibrant country with a plethora of magnificent things to do. Known worldwide as a beautiful scenic country with a rich history, Turkey’s amazing culture and traditions are also a spectacle for visitors. The country is artistically inclined too, which is apparent in their stunning handicrafts. So, it is no wonder that Turkey hosts some of the world’s most important culture & arts festivals throughout the year.

If you are keen on being a part of Turkey’s arts & culture scene, you can choose to visit the country during the time of such festivals. Even if you cannot visit the big festivals, there are small cultural and art festivals held all over the country, all through the year.

The Most Important Turkey Culture and Art Festivals

You can look up the dates and venue of these festivals and visit them. It will surely be an experience of a lifetime seeing how this country is in love with anything art and culture.

Some events that are a major affair in Turkey are as follows:

Istanbul International Film Festival

Izmir International Film Festival

Antalya International Film Festival

Antalya International Folk Music and Dance Festival

Bodrum International Ballet Festival

Istanbul International Theater Festival

Izmir International Short Film Festival

Cappadox Festival

Antalya International Choir Festival

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. There are many more such art and culture festivals held all over in Turkey.

The Culture and Art Scene of Turkey

If you do not want to attend the festivals, you can always choose to experience the country’s arts and culture through the places you visit. You can watch performances at Turkey’s national ballet, theater or the opera house. They are one-of-a-kind extravaganzas that you will remember forever. If you can come across the folk songs and dance of the local crowd of the country, it is amazing too.
Hence, if culture and arts of a country attracts you, Turkey will seem like a paradise to you. The country’s amazing festivals will surely satiate your passion for culture and arts.