Things You Should Know about Residence Permit Application in Turkey

Things You Should Know about Residence Permit Application in Turkey

Residence Permit Application in Turkey

There are some important things you should know when you are applying for a residence permit in Turkey. We have listed them in this article for you.

Retrieving the Additional Documents

On your appointment date, the authorities will check whether your documents are valid or not. At that moment, the foreign nationals are possible to not bring some required documents because of certain causes or they may be asked by the clerk to add some documents to complete the particular requirement, and other foreigners may be requested to renew theirs.

To cope with this case, the “Migration Office” should offer a specific period of time to the applicant to retrieve the additional documents. The office grants some extra time up to 30 days. The foreign nations should submit the missing/renewed documents before the specified time period or their application will be canceled, and they need to make a new one. For the extension application, the provincial directorate of migration shall keep in touch with you using your declared address and contact information.

Refusal, Non-renewal, and Cancellation

This status may be received by foreign nationals when they want to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. Their request may not be granted, may be canceled if has been issued, or their permit may not be renewed when they meet the following cases:

• The condition provided (one or more) for a short-term residence permit are not met or no longer apply,
• Rooted that the residence permit is used outside the purposes of those issued for,
• A current removal decision or an entry ban to Turkey is present.

Extending Touristic Residence Permit

Started on 01 January 2020, foreigners who already obtained their residence permit for one year on tourist purposes previously, will not be able to extend their residence permit if the purpose is still the same. All citizens of other countries cannot extend their residence permits unless they can give a valid reason. Exceptional for OECD countries; Russia, China, and the European Union.

So, what are valid reasons? Here are some suggested reasons foreigners can use when they are applying for a residence permit in Turkey.

• Marry a Turkish citizen,
• Owning property in Turkey that registered using their name,
• Being a relative of a Turkish citizen(s),
• Studying in Turkey while have reached the age of 18,
• Having an ongoing court in Turkey,
• Continuing to get health treatment in Turkey,
• Having at least 250.000 USD in a Turkish Bank,
• Being from Ahiska Turks,
• Employees in Turkey who has work permit extensions,
• Having a Turkish ancestry certificate.
• Continuing the process of their Turkish citizenship application,
• Having a company in Turkey with a paid capital of 1.000.000 Turkish liras.
• Get a work permit within six months.

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Our legal team in Turkey can help you with all of these issues, and make the process go smoothly without a problem for you. We hope that after reading this article, the process of the residence permit application in Turkey goes without a problem for you.