Experience a Memorable Holiday During Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey

Experience a Memorable Holiday During Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey

Experience a Memorable Holiday During Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey

Everything about Turkey is amazing, from its scenic landscapes to its culture. The culture of Turkey is very family-oriented, and hence, the festivities are often celebrated together. Two of the biggest festivals in Turkey are celebrated with family and friends. If you want to see the country’s natural face, these festivals will be the best time to visit Turkey, and one of them is the Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey.

One of Turkey’s earliest Islamic festivals is the Feast of the Sacrifice. It honors Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. Instead of his son, God gave him a ram to sacrifice. About 70 days after Ramadan, the Sacrifice Feast occurs. Getting married or starting a new company between these two festivals is considered harmful, according to folklore.

The males of each household traditionally attend a Mosque for special morning prayer on the first day of the Sacrifice Feast in Turkey. The sacrificial ceremony then starts. In certain parts of Turkey, the goat to be sacrificed is henna-painted and adorned with ribbons. Before offering the animal, the butcher reads a prayer. Families typically share approximately two-thirds of the animal’s flesh with relatives and neighbors and one-third with the needy.

Instead of sacrificing animals, some Turks have begun to donate to charitable groups in recent years. During the Sacrifice Feast in Turkey, many Turks go out of their way to assist the needy.

During the Sacrifice Feast in Turkey, people typically dress to impress. During the holidays, they invite visitors to their homes or pay visits to family or friends. The first day of the feast is often set aside for visiting close relatives in Turkey. As a show of respect, young people kiss the hand of their elderly friends and family. Some Turks may take advantage of the four-day holiday to take a vacation too.

Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey

One of the two grand festivals celebrated widely in Turkey is the Feast of Sacrifice in Turkey (which is “Kurban Bayrami” in Turkish). It is an Islamic religious festival where a food animal is sacrificed. The meat is then distributed among friends, neighbors, and the poor.

During the time of this festival, all businesses, schools, and offices remain closed for four to five days. Domestic and international travel peaks, too, since this festival also marks the end of Hajj.

The morning starts with praying and the ritual of sacrifice. Then Families and neighbors visit each other to celebrate. Eating and drinking are an integral part of the celebration. Deliciously cooked sacrificial meat is served to guests along with other tasty local dishes.

If you are in Turkey during this time, you will experience what it is like to be a part of a big family of strangers. You will be welcomed with open hearts to experience this unique festival.

Traveling to Turkey During Feast of Sacrifice

While it will surely be an experience to remember, traveling to Turkey during this time should be planned ahead. Because families travel to visit each other and everything remains closed, be prepared when you visit during this time.

However, there is nothing to worry about as the people of Turkey are well-renowned for their helpful nature. Hence, if you face any problem, just seek help from local people, and they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

You will find Turkey unique regardless of the time of your visit. Every season has its beauty in the country, not to mention the country’s beautiful cultures and rich history. Visit Turkey during the “Kurban Bayrami,” and you can get a complete all-around experience of Turkey.

All-in-all traveling to Turkey during the Feast of Sacrifice is a great idea and a great experience.

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