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Learn The Truth! Is Turkey Expensive To Visit Or Not?

Learn The Truth! Is Turkey Expensive To Visit Or Not?

Turkey is the county that is deliberately mounted where east and west meet. The country has become 6th most popular tourist destination. Istanbul one of the magnificent cities, famous in the whole world for its unique and ancient culture. Bosporus strait splitting the city into two halves is a major attraction of the city. Turkey holds plenty of natural, ancient, historical, and unforgotten places. A country with a blend of an eastern and western and a diversified culture makes Turkey stand out.

In the western part of the Turkey, fascinating mosques have been describing the ottoman Islamic culture. While the western part of the Turkey is home to Kurdish people. An indescribably coastal line, shores, and resort make Turkey a complete package with all variables for the tourist.

Turkey each year meets with a million of ex-pats. The reason behind getting such a huge number every year is;

• Cheaper visit as compared to another equivalent in the UK or Europe
• Better value of your money
• Quality services for tourists at reasonable prices
• Diversified destination.

An Average Daily Expanse of Visitors?

It has been estimated from the daily expenses of expats in Turkey, that on average $24 (163TL) is required for a single day in a Turkey.

How Much Cost of a Meal?

On average visitors spent $4 -$8 on daily meals. Normally, most of the hotels in Istanbul offer breakfast within the hotel room rent. Street food prices are lower than hotels usually cost 12 TRY per person. The street food is pure Turkish food and generally of the same quality as served in hotels and cafés. Street stands are abundant and full of traditional foods.

In a restaurant even, the food is nice and up to the international level but at reasonable prices, with highly maintained quality as compare to nearby European places.

Should I Take Private Transport in Turkey?

If you have a budget for opting private transport just opt for it. But making your way through public transport is the best and cheaper option always. On average local transport costs, you less than $2.

Local transport is abundant and one can easily found for every next rout. If you have a tight budget and aimed to cross more than 1 city, make your way through bus. For 12-hour travel or even more the nighttime traveling through the road bus is the best option. Normally public transport is comfortable and completely fine to travel through it. Tram, funicular, fast metro trains plus a vast bus network makes it much accessible.

The buses which take you from 1 to another city is generally of high quality and often serve their passenger with tea, water, and cakes. Remember one thing that ticket prices are always negotiable. Intercity usually travel on average charges 52 TRY.

Average Hotel Price in Turkey

The pricing for accommodation solely relies on the chosen place either you booked a 5-star hotel or some other average hotel. Accommodation for 1 person on average cost 102 liras.

For a single room in a 5-star hotel costs you up-to $40. In Istanbul, some hotels are as cheap as if $11 per night with high-quality services such as Antique hostel and guest house. Some hotels are providing adult single accommodation for $4 -$5 even.

For a 1-week visit of a couple, costs an average of $330.which is much reasonable and cheaper than compared to European places. Turkey is providing more than expected experience to its visitors. Visitors usually admired Turkey for their well-kept and exciting atmosphere.

Entertainment shows, world’s oldest civilization, beaches, resort, antique museum, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Bosporus cruise, and limitless potential for tourists, making Turkey an amusing and phenomenal place for planning your holiday in Turkey.

Is Turkey Expensive

In general, facts show that Turkey is not at all an expensive country to visit. But it most likely to depend, from where you make your way. For instance, If you belong to some European countries, Turkey my sound you much economical whereas if you come from the third country just like India or Africa than it shall feel little expensive, just because of currency value

The wonderland, enclosing the marvelous places, can be accessed from East and west in a 4-hour flight. Turkey is much inexpensive country as compared to its neighboring European countries.