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The Resurgence of Russian Literature

The Resurgence of Russian Literature

Russian Literature, same as any other type of literature, serves to represent the ideologies of its people, their particular culture, and their traditions through the use of the Russian language in various written and oral forms. Usually, these literary works are devised with the creative imagination of the respective authors to portray their ideas, thoughts, motivations, desires, and other aspects of the human emotions that are often collectively used to deliver a message or a fable.

Russian Literature could be said to include written works in the form of poetry, song, fiction, non-fiction texts, and other methods that allows the reader to empathize with the characters or the authors themselves. The aim of studying literature is to understand or debate the author’s message with regards to their personal perspectives, opinions, or criticism.

Role of Russian Literature

Many notable literary figures and readers have been greatly influenced by the Russian literature that has competently provided the world with philosophical and political works of fiction and nonfiction texts that are significant in shaping other forms of literature and art.

It can be said that global literature would be incomplete without recognizing the enormous contributions of the Russian literature that has provided various readers including notable literary figures with great inspiration to

Russia has a thousand years of history and its literature has occupied a special place in culture and politics. It also includes the evolution of multiple languages among the Russian people. If we talk about the modern era of Russian literature, it has been the time of arguments of various aspects of Russian life. This also includes a place where literature itself has occupied in the life of Russians.

Before the 19th century, if we say that there was nothing in Russian literature other than popular stories and legends, we might be true to some extent. These were the things that Russians were familiar and popular about, nothing more than this. The only thing that was described as Russian literature was the simulations of popular styles in Europe. This was what most of the Russian poets were famous for, that was composing their work in French.

Once Russians become literate, then communists came into existence and Russians started becoming famous as the world’s passionate readers. During this period, writers were in great demand and were traditionally known for their great esteem.

Do you know about the famous novels that Russians read? These were Shakespeare, Dickens, and Balzac. They loved to read these novels more than their western counterparts. Some think that the main reason for Russians’ passion for reading books was that they had little time to do something else during the long cold winters. While some people think that bad Soviet television encouraged them to read books.

If it is about the position of a writer in Russian literature, it is often a teacher. It worked in the same way as the teacher provides a lecture to the people about what to do, what things are good and bad,  what to vote for, how to cook, how to make things right, etc.

Russian Literature in the 18th century

When it comes to the 18th and 19th centuries, this was the time when most of the world was conquered by some of the people. These include English, French, Germans, and Russians. It was the time when these people spent most of their time looking for literature and philosophy that helped them understand their existence and mindset.

By 1800, Russian literature had a recognized tradition where real-life problems were represented. It also involved the enrichment of the Russian language with the new elements by the practitioners. Based on these concerns, the brilliant era of literary was evolved and followed.

Now, if we go to the 19th century, it was known as the golden era of Russian literature. The various popular authors and writers were come up with their books that considered Russia as the place of the greatest playwrights. Some of them, such as Novelists Leo Tolstoy, the authors Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anton Pavlovich Chekhov were well-known figures in the west. One of the most famous poets who was close to the hearts of Russians was Alexander Pushkin

Russian literature in the 19th century offered a great medium for the debate of political and social issues. The famous writers of this era shared various important concerns in their writings. They included great attention to the realistic and also worked effectively in describing everyday Russian life in detail. Many other points were articulated in their novels and short stories. We can also say that poets of the 19th century had produced great work with lasting value.

Russian Literature in the 19th century – Age of Realism 

The Age of Realism was actually started around 1850. The writers of the previous generation such as Aleksandr Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, and Nikolay Gogol made a great impact on the writers of this period. They had contributed a lot in improving the standards of language and narrative techniques. Aleksandr Pushkin is recognized as one of the ultimate Russian poets. Mikhail Lermontov has marked his position for a great contribution in both poetic and style genres. Whereas Nikolay Gogol is known as the inventor of modern Russian style, also most of his work consists of strong elements of fantasy.

By mid-century, there was a heated discussion on the aptness of social queries in literature. It then resulted in the thick journals, which continued to the literary debate and innovations in the 1990s. Some pages of the debate have also appeared as the best Russian literature.

Some style writers of the Age of Realism have defined the combination of literature with the everlasting philosophical demands. Some of their novels are a great contribution to world literature.

Final Words

When it comes to Russian literature, it has so much to offer that when you read about it, you will be more excited about all prospects. One of the famous books, i.e. War and Peace, is a real masterpiece because of its length and the information it holds. There are so many books available that can provide you ultimate evidence on Russian literature.