How Can I Invest in Turkey?

How Can I Invest in Turkey?

Invest in Turkey

Turkey has emerged as a center for development and investment in the past decade with its economy growing progressively due to the positive gains observed in multiple business sectors. That’s why many foreign investors chose to invest in Turkey.

The energy sector, as well as the steel industry, has shown promising results, which have established Turkey as a strong exporter in not just the European market but also in the global trade scenario. To further this growth, the real estate sector, too, has got some serious potential that can be yielded if the investors do not waste their time.

With these attractive prospects for investment, how can one get started with investing in Turkey to grab their share of the market to make good profits? Hence, the following information will guide you through the ways by which you can invest in Turkey, which will also help you gain other prominent benefits.

How to Invest in Turkey?

Starting off, it’ll be ideal for you to get in touch with Turkish ex-pats and Turkish consulates to learn in detail about the various ways you can invest in Turkey. However, that’s not all. You see, with the FDI stock achieving $165 billion in 2019, the sectors that primarily saw major investments were the finance, manufacturing, and energy sectors, where the Netherlands had the largest share followed by the economic giant that is the U.S.[1]

This means that more investors are eyeing those three sectors along with the real estate sector which is on the rise especially after the rates of the Turkish Lira saw a decline thereby making the cost of living low.

The investors are not only provided freedom of establishment but also could practice acquisition of landholding which will grant them opportunities to request specific authorizations. Paired with the investment aids also provided by the Turkish government to boost the economy of the various parts of their country, one can surely be certain of positive and consistent growth in whichever primary sectors they choose. Thus, investing in Turkey is a pretty good idea.

Additionally, while the media and transport sectors are monopolistic, the agri-food, telecommunications, automotive, packaging, and industrial subcontracting sectors are, however, hold high potential for investment in Turkey.

Invest in Turkey: What Kind of Investment You Must Do in Turkey?

You can learn more about investing in Turkey by either visiting the country and holding meetings with the pre-established chairman of various industries about pooling your capital into their firms or you can also buy real estate and develop the land for commercial purposes.

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Either way, conduct your research and get in touch with the government officials to assist you better beyond scouting the opportunities yourself. Also, make sure to seek expert legal aid in Turkey to handle your affairs when investing in Turkey.

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